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QuanTEM Laboratories

QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC. is the lab of choice for environmental professionals nationwide. We are a nationally accredited laboratory specializing in asbestos, bacteria, lead and mold analyses. Our mission is to provide our clients with superior personal service that includes 24-hour accessibility, downloadable reports, free shipping with FedEx and much more. With an unmatched reputation for accuracy, reliability and professionalism, you will wonder how you ever managed without us. Contact us today to discover the QuanTEM Advantage!

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2033 Heritage Park Drive , Oklahoma City , OK 73120 USA
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Environmental Monitoring
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Nationally (across the country)
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Confused about which lab to use? With literally thousands of laboratories to choose from, finding the right lab can seem both difficult and overwhelming. With so many laboratories offering similar services, how do you know which lab is the right lab for you?

Your first step should be to determine the quality of the laboratory. Is the lab concerned about providing a quality service or just about the bottom line. An excellent method to determine quality is accreditation. In order for a laboratory to be accredited, it must successfully complete an extensive evaluation of every aspect of its operation and it must maintain proficiency in the appropriate testing areas.

Another method of determining quality is service. Is your business treated like a priority, or like just another number? Can you call your laboratory with questions and easily speak to the appropriate personnel? Effective communication is a vital service and a crucial factor in choosing a laboratory.

At QuanTEM, we take great pride in providing our customers with the best possible quality service in the industry. Founded in 1989, we have worked diligently to provide our customers with professional, accurate, and reliable analyses and have obtained the following accreditations: American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA #101352), National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP #101959-0), State of California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (CA ELAP #2392), State of Louisiana Deptartment of Environmental Quality (Lab #04118)Texas Department of Health (TDH #30-0143), Texas Department of State Health Service-Mold Analysis Laboratory (License # LAB 0140) We are an active participant in the AHIA Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Programs for Asbestos, Lead and Microbiology.


Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available to offer professional advice and answer any questions you may have. QuanTEM maintains a commitment to continuing education and offer training and seminars to both our analysts and to our customers. We believe that knowledge is power and that working together with our customers is the key factor to not only our success, but to the success of our customers as well.

When choosing a laboratory, don't settle for second best. Make an educated decision based on overall quality and service. For 20 years QuanTEM has been the lab of choice for environmental professionals nationwide. We are the industry leader in service and satisfaction. But don't just take our word for it, give us a call today and discover the QuanTEM advantage.

QuanTEM Laboratories was founded in Oklahoma City in 1989 and has been serving a growing number of environmental professionals since.

As implied by our name, QuanTEM’s original mission was the analysis of air samples for asbestos by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Over the years QuanTEM has become the industry leader in asbestos analysis earning praise from our customers in all fifty states and several foreign countries. QuanTEM holds both TEM and PLM accreditations from the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program(NVLAP) Lab code 101959-0.

QuanTEM is IH accredited through the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) for PCM analysis (Lab Code 101352)

QuanTEM is the only laboratory recognized for lead analysis by the AIHA in the state of Oklahoma. QuanTEM is ELLAP accredited by the AIHA (Lab Code 101352) for the analysis of lead in air, soil, paint, and dust.

In 1996 QuanTEM became one of the first labs to specialize in the analysis of mold samples. Since 2003 QuanTEM has been accredited by AIHA for mold and microbiological testing (Lab Code 101352).

From day one QuanTEM’s mission has been to provide our clients with the best possible service available.

  • Tracking of Turnaround Times. This means on time reporting every time.
  • Maintaining Communication Channels with our Clients (we call you).
  • Posting Client Reports on the Web. Faster and more user friendly.
  • Maintaining Quality Control on a Daily Basis. Your analysis are correct.
  • Interactive COCs which you can type your information directly on and send with your samples of email to QuanTEM.

Fast - Accurate- Professional
The mission of QuanTEM laboratories is to build a strong, long lasting partnership with our clients. This goal is achieved by providing quality sample analyses through a knowledgeable and experienced staff, national accreditations, strict quality control and a sincere commitment to customer service.