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  • Animal, Insect, Aquatic, Human - Respirometry- Animal

  • Gas Switching Systems (GSS)

    Gas Switching Systems (GSS)

    Qubit Gas Switching Systems have been designed to work with Q-Box Packages to allow measurements of gas exchange from multiple samples.  Our Gas Switching Systems allow monitoring of up to 8 different channels with a single Q-Box system such as Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration Package, Q-Box RP2LP High Range Respiration Package, and up to 4 different samples with Q-Box NF1LP Nitrogen Fixation Package and Q-Box CO650 Plant CO2 Analysis ...

  • Model S108 - Absolute O2 Analyzer

    Model S108 - Absolute O2 Analyzer

    S108 Absolute O2 Analyzer is the most flexible, accurate and affordable oxygen analyzer on the market.  It uses a fuel cell sensor that operates at ambient temperature unlike power hungry zirconium sensors that require an on-board furnace.   The sensor incorporates  acid electrolyte and teflon diffusion membrane.  Measurements of pO2 are precise across the entire range from 0% to 100%. For animal and human respirometry, the...

  • Model S104 - DOX Differential O2 Analyzer

    Model S104 - DOX Differential O2 Analyzer

    Qubit Systems’ S104 Differential O2 Analyzer (DOX) is the world’s only patented differential oxygen analyzer with a resolution of ± 1 ppm O2 against a background of air. With the S104 DOX, researchers can measure real-time rates of respiratory oxygen consumption from tiny insects and photosynthetic oxygen production from a single intact leaf. The S104 Differential O2 Analyzer has the greatest dynamic range of any gas analyzer on the...

  • Model S158 - CO2 Analyzer

    Model S158 - CO2 Analyzer

    S158 CO2 Analyzer is a single channel non-dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer that measures CO2 in 0 to 10% range with better than 0.01% accuracy.  It is ideal for CO2 exchange measurements in larger or more active animals and in situations where high CO2 fluxes may occur, such as fermentation processes.

  • Animal, Insect, Aquatic, Human - Aquatic Biology- Aquatic Control

  • Aquatic Control Systems

    Aquatic Control Systems

    Qubit Systems manufactures Aquatic Control Systems for both fresh and sea water.  These systems control pH/CO2, O2 and temperature in up to 4 different tanks, independently.  Our Aquatic Control Systems are customized to the size of the tanks and the range of control parameters.  Qubit Control Systems have wide applications in aquatic research, aquaculture, aquatic respirometry studies, algal cultivation, aquatic environmental control,...

  • Model S122 - Optical Dissolved O2 (DO) Probe

    Model S122 - Optical Dissolved O2 (DO) Probe

    Optical dissolved O2 (DO) probe uses luminescence technology to provide fast, easy and accurate measurements of dissolved oxygen in solutions. This probe is ideal for both laboratory and field measurements of dissolved O2. It requires no warm up time, infrequent calibration, no filling solution and no stirring. The optical DO probe S122 is the key component of our Q-Box AQUA Aquatic Respirometry Package and Qubit DO Control Systems. The probe has...

  • Animal, Insect, Aquatic, Human - Aquatic Biology- Aquatic Respiration

  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Cuvette Electrodes

    Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Cuvette Electrodes

    Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Cuvette Electrodes are polarographic oxygen sensing systems for measurements of dissolved oxygen production or consumption in liquid suspension. DO Cuvette Electrode is composed of water jacketed cuvette, removable base that houses the electrode and a plunger. DO cuvette electrodes are available in various volumes 1, 2.5, 4, 6, 30 and 50 ml. A flow through cuvette is also available in 100 ul volume.

  • Animal, Insect, Aquatic, Human - Metabolic Testing

  • Model S147 - Rapid Response O2/CO2 Analyzer

    Model S147 - Rapid Response O2/CO2 Analyzer

    The S147 Rapid Response O2/CO2 Analyzer combines both a laser diode O2 sensor and an infrared CO2 detector. This flow-through analyzer is designed for measurements of rapid changes in O2 and CO2 such as those occurring  during O2 uptake and CO2 production from breath by breath measurements of human respiration.

  • Animal, Insect, Aquatic, Human - Electrophysiology

  • Model Q-S207 - Electrocardiogram/Electromyogram Sensor (EKG/EMG)

    Model Q-S207 - Electrocardiogram/Electromyogram Sensor (EKG/EMG)

    Qubit Systems’ surface Q-S207 Electrocardiogram/Electromyogram (EKG/EMG) Sensor measures voltage waveforms produced during the contraction of the heart (EKG) as well as during other muscle contraction (EMG). The action potential during heart muscle contraction or other muscles’ contraction can be recorded by surface electrodes as electrical activity at skin surface. The electrical signal is recorded by C610 LabQuest Mini...