R-V Industries is a leading industrial process equipment manufacturer, specializing in engineering and fabricating jacketed vessels, ASME pressure vessels, and a full range of equipment for customers in a variety of demanding industries throughout the United States and worldwide.

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584 Poplar Road , Honey Brook , PA 19344 USA

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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R-V Industries, Inc. is an industrial engineering and metal fabrication company specializing in designing, building, and installing industrial process equipment for customers throughout the U.S. and worldwide. We are well known as a leading ASME pressure vessel manufacturer, also producing a full range of jacketed vessels for many different applications. Our company’s strength is our diversity, both in the wide-ranging knowledge of our team and in the many varied markets we are capable of serving with experience and skill. In every project, we strive to demonstrate integrity, a commitment to safety, and our unrivaled determination to deliver quality results tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

R-V was founded in 1974 in Honey Brook, PA by Ronald L. Putt and Victor D. Dodd as a small job shop offering custom manufacturing services. In August of 1977, R-V experienced a major fire that virtually destroyed our entire facility, but rather than be deterred, Ron and Vic resolved to rebuild and come back stronger than ever. By September of 1980, R-V’s manufacturing space had been repaired, and our facilities expanded through the 1980s and 1990s to meet rising demand. Since then, we have grown and diversified through the strategic acquisition of specialized manufacturing companies, and we now boast an in-house engineering team, extensive market-specific expertise, and over 160,000 square feet of fabrication and assembly space.

Our Valued Team

R-V Industries is proud to have built a team of more than 270 manufacturing and engineering professionals who have diverse experience in the numerous industries we serve. Every member of our team shares the goal of delivering superior products that represent effective solutions to each customer’s biggest industrial process challenges.