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R360 Environmental Solutions as the nation’s leading environmental oilfield waste management provider, R360 has the resources to offer superior reliability – and results – to customers across the country. R360 Environmental Solutions strives to deliver the industry’s most reliable service, expertise and environmentally sustainable waste management to E&P operators across the United States. Choose R360 and benefit from a legacy of innovation. Established in July 2010, R360 Environmental Solutions combined the companies of U.S. Liquids of Louisiana (USLL), Controlled Recovery, Inc. (CRI), Calpet, R&G and J.Scott. Composed of the most established names in the industry, we represent the collective experience and knowledge of the field’s best thinkers, innovators and technicians.

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Greenspoint Plaza 4, 16945 Northchase Drive, Suite 2200 , Houston , Texas 77060 USA

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Nationally (across the country)

With facilities strategically located to serve the country’s most active drilling regions, R360 provides the kind of reliability, convenience and results demanded by some of the world’s largest corporations. And that means you can count on R360 to be your all-around resource for sustainable waste treatment options—when and where you need them most.

Services include:

Through innovative techniques and R3 Technology, R360 sets the industry standard for environmental performance.

By applying the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling to E&P waste management, R360 is able to decrease the amount of liability associated with traditional treatment methods—while also creating new value opportunities for the industry.

Along with comprehensive site services, our cutting-edge R3 Technology allows us to reclaim and recycle wellsite wastes for future uses. This includes oil and produced water, as well as our R3 RoadBase product, used in paving projects across the country.

At R360, we know it’s just as important to protect the environment as it is to protect your business. That’s why we do more than treat and repurpose wellsite wastes—we do so responsibly, with consideration for all applicable state and federal regulations.

From muds and cuttings to completion fluids, if it’s a produced material used in production, R360 offers sustainable treatment and disposal options so you can make the smart choice for your operations.

At R360, we always aim to make a positive impact. And that sentiment doesn’t just extend to the oilfields and the environment. With facilities across the country, it’s important to us that we’re not only a good neighbor, but also a great source of improvement to the areas we occupy.

That’s why the hiring process typically begins locally near our facilities, and we strictly follow all Federal, state and local laws and best practices to enforce the highest standard of safety and efficiency in all of our treatment centers. Not to mention, just plain common sense and courtesy.

It’s just another way we show our dedication to the nation’s most active oil and gas regions—and the people who call them home.

Our safety, health and operating compliance standards create the framework for our dependable services.

When it comes to environmental waste management solutions, we’re leaders in the field. And we know part of being a trusted provider is laying a solid foundation for success—one that extends not only to our own operations, but to those of our clients as well.

At R360, we adhere to all applicable safety, health and operating regulations on a state-by-state basis, as well as standards of basic corporate social responsibility on a company-wide level. Along with our innovative technology and industry experts, it’s just another way we offer the nation’s oil and gas operators service they can trust.

As part of a commitment to both customers and the environment, R360 maintains compliance with regulatory agencies that strictly monitor production and disposal practices throughout Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming in order to protect the land, water, oil, gas and other nonrenewable resources of each state.

  • Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
  • Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
  • New Mexico Environment Department
  • New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department – Oil  Conservation Division
  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission
  • Railroad Commission of Texas
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

All-around success is about more than just profits.
At R360, respect is the cornerstone of our business model. A respect for the environment, and a respect for the hard work that keeps the E&P industry moving. That’s why we’re committed to providing the most dependable and sustainable waste treatment options to operators throughout the nation.

By strict compliance to both federal and voluntary safety and environmental standards, we’re proud to deliver reliability that creates an all-around positive impact for our customers, employees, partners and the communities in which we operate.