RAECO Rents is a nationwide rental service (US and Canada) for portable environmental testing, industrial health and safety test and measurement instruments. Our instrument kits come complete with everything you`ll need to get the job done, and they`re backed by a factory-trained staff and our no-hassle service policies and practices.

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135 Bernice Dr , Bensenville , Illinois 60106-3366 USA

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Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

Our Goal
We strive to provide the latest compliance testing equipment for industrial health and safety, healthcare, emergency response, and HVAC professionals.

We're here to help you fulfill your most important objectives: (1) To get the test and measurement instrumentation you need, when and

where you need it. (2) To get you instrumentation that works right out of the box, to minimize your downtime, and (3) To make sure you get the most out of your test instruments, so you can do your job more quickly, effectively, and affordably than ever before.
We want you to have a great experience working with RAECO Rents.

Our Methods
To make your business experience with RAECO Rents a positive one, we enlist a team of specialists who work hands-on with these instruments on a daily basis. They're familiar with the tools and the kits, and are trained to help you find the right instrument for your task.

When you rent, you expect to get good quality instruments in proper working order. To fulfill your expectation, we make sure the devices in our rental pool are not only operable, but clean, and in like-new condition. The average age of instruments in our rental pool is 2.5 years. (What do we do with the old rentals? We offer them to you at discount prices, so our upgrade cycle benefits you and your limited budget.)

Our Promises
From our diligent operational maintenance practices and the way we care for the instruments you use to our Instant-On guarantee and after-hours support, the RAECO Rents team is determined to make your rental experience easy. To learn more, you can read our Service Policies and Promises, which covers everything from rental basics and ordering to shipping and user support.

A Brief History (A Three-Year-Old Corporation with a 70-Year Past)
Thought our website and corporate standings are relatively new, RAECO Rents is no Fly-by-Night operation. Members of our rental team have been working in the test instrument business for more than 30 years, and bring a wealth of application knowledge to the table. And, our founding companies have been in the instrumentation business for 70 years. January 2012: RAECO Rents LLC shifts from a 'service of RAECO' to its own corporation under parent Lesman Instrument Company.

2005: RAECO-LIC LLC joint venture is complete, and both RAECO and its nationwide rental service come under the Lesman Instrument Company umbrella. 2001: RAECO Inc enters a joint venture with Lesman Instrument Company, and launches a rental service to compliment its foundation as a test instrumentation representative and distributor.

1945: RAECO Inc (the R.A. Ekstrom Company) opens business in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, focusing on industrial and scientific instrumentation.