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Ramboll Group

Ramboll UK Limited provides multidisciplinary solutions that serve businesses, governments and communities around the world. From the engineering design of buildings and infrastructure to the management of precious resources such as water and energy, our work spans disciplines and sectors. What unites our services is a commitment to design rigour, innovation and value for the end user.

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Hannemanns Allé 53 , Copenhagen , DK-2300 Denmark

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Engineering service provider
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000
more than 1,000,000,000 €

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On 15 October 1945, Ramboll was founded as the 'Rambøll & Hannemann' partnership in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, Ramboll has expanded to become an international corporation employing close to 10,000 experts with a strong presence in Northern Europe, Russia, India and the Middle East.

With over 200 offices in 19 countries we emphasise local experience combined with a global knowledge-base. In the UK, Ramboll has over 1000 employees operating from 13 local offices.

We provide design and strategy services that have a wide application in the built environment and beyond. Disciplines include masterplanning, aviation, offshore wind, district heating, waste to energy, as well as the full suite of engineering consultancy services.

Our projects conjure instant recognition. Ferrari World, the largest indoor theme park in the world; the Fehmarn Belt Link, the most ambitious infrastructure project in Europe; Tate Modern’s iconic new extension – to name just a few. We are increasingly becoming known for transferring insights in sustainable energy infrastructure from their roots in Central European and Scandinavian countries elsewhere around the world. We are the market leader in the design of offshore wind farm foundations. We also lead the way in district heating and waste to energy consultancy.

We are proud of our innovation history. In the past year alone we have written our own parametric scripts to create new possibilities in structural design. We have advanced offshore substation foundation design, delivering a level of optimisation that would formerly have been considered impossible. In 2011 we launched Airpave 5.0, the newest version of our innovative air pavement management system. We are constantly renewing our R&D efforts to create value for clients and push industry practice forward.

Our team of specialists shares knowledge globally, bringing an unrivalled depth of experience to bear on each and every local project. This rich internal culture has attracted some of the best talents in the industry.

Sustainable society consultant
Take a look at this video to learn more about how we create value for our customers and society at large through our approach, projects and people.


We recognise that our clients are under increasing pressure to deliver better, more cost effective and sustainable projects. It's innovative solutions that enable us to meet the challenges this poses. Our innovation track record is widely recognised, and finding new and better ways to do things remains a core activity.

We take innovation seriously.

Low carbon building
Ramboll is a multi-award winner in sustainable design for the built environment. We have developed a comprehensive 'roadmap' for the integration of sustainable principles into all areas of our business, including project delivery, where we focus achieving substantial embodied and operational carbon savings ... more

Computational design
Using computers as the tool and nature as the inspiration, our engineers and technicians are researching the practical application of digital technologies. We look for economic solutions to architectural, structural, fabrication-related and environmental challenges.

Design culture
In the search for innovative design solutions we are aided by the emphasis we place on design. It is at the heart of what we do. We care about it and nurture it. Design is key to the way we make a difference.


Ramboll UK and its engineers are involved in a number of projects round the world designed to help communities in need — often focused on post-conflict reconstruction and disaster relief. In addition, our engineers regularly take part in charitable fundraising events and volunteer projects.


Good advice springs from experience. With a mature portfolio of work across market areas, we are well placed to advise our clients on relevant project opportunities and constraints. From airports to museums, city masterplans to schools, our sector coverage is both comprehensive and authoritative. Group-wide knowledge sharing enhances our analytic capability, enabling us to bring global expertise to bear on local projects.