Rampart Hydro Services

Rampart Hydro Services

Rampart specializes in removing deteriorated, delaminated, or contaminated concrete from reinforced concrete structures, such as bridges, dams and parking garages, using ultra-high pressure water. Our services include hydrodemolition, fast track hydrodemolition, coating/rubber removal, debris cleanup, and wastewater control/disposal. With the industry's largest fleet and most experienced staff, we serve contractors and public/private organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Rampart's methods are safe, use less water, and are fast and reliable.

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530 Moon Clinton Road , Coraopolis , PA USA

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That’s the question we hear a lot! Hydrodemolition uses high-velocity water jets to remove deteriorated, delaminated, or contaminated concrete from reinforced concrete structures such as bridges, dams and parking garages. Yes, we remove concrete with water at ultra-high pressures (36,000 psi) and at waterjet velocities exceeding 1,500 mph.  And the best news is that when operating at ultra-high pressure, our hydrodemolition process uses significantly less water than lower pressure systems, protecting the environment and conserving a valuable resource.The waterjets are very powerful and can remove 16 inches of concrete or more in a single pass.  At the same time the waterjets do not damage the reinforcing steel or other embedded metal items.

Hydrodemolition plus our vacuum debris removal services, leaves the remaining concrete near pour-ready.  Hydrodemolition is both an effective and efficient way to quickly remove deteriorated concrete and prepare the surface for the installation of a new concrete overlay or repair material.

From drinkable (or potable) water to high-velocity concrete demolisher and back again. Our water filtration service reduces costs and inconveniences to contractors and customers and protects the environment.

Depending upon the location, disposal requirements will vary, so water must be treated before it is released. For reuse in the hydrodemolition process, recycling is necessary because high-pressure water pumps and nozzles are extremely susceptible to wear from abrasive materials in the water.

Rampart Hydro provides treatment and filtration services as part of complete hydrodemolition solutions and as a stand-alone service, too. To reduce total consumption and discharge, we can vacuum (or otherwise capture) wastewater and recycle it onsite. Recycling can be accomplished with large settling tanks, flocculants, or specialty filtration equipment, which we can supply.

Our Automated Vacuum-Filtration System (AVS) uses a vacuum drum filter and diatomaceous earth. It requires less space than an elaborate settling tank, sand filter, and pH treatment/storage tank option, which it replaces.