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Ramson AB

Ramson is a company that develops, designs and manufactures filtration systems. Our products can be found in a great variation of industries; mining, steel, energy, enviroment, paper, navy, pharmaceutical and food, just to mention a few. With our filtration and PED competence, calculation and design capability as well as our welding workshop, we can customize our Ramson filter products. Customization includes but is not restricted to; choice of material, capacity adaptions, position and size of flange connections and special surface requirements. With an extensive range of filter bags and filter cartridges from Parker, GE and others, Ramson can also offer good service and short lead times for filter consumables.

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Drakvägen 6 , Motala , 591 32 Sweden

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Water Filtration and Separation
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Internationally (various countries)


Ramson- a company with long experience and high competence in filtration.
Ramson AB is based in Motala, Sweden. We develop, manufacture and distribute filtration products for different industrial processes. Our products can be found in a great variation of industries; mining, steel, energy, enviroment, paper, navy, pharmaceutical and food, just to mention a few.

Ramson has it's origin in the 1960s, at De Laval's turbine manufacturing in Nacka, outside of the Swedish capital Stockholm. When Asea (today ABB Stal) bought De Laval, which with the acquisition moved to Finspång, the whole filtration idea stayed in Nacka. And in 1964 the name Ramson was registrated.

Competence and Continuous improvements
Since spring 2008, Ramson is under new management, which has increased the company's capacity regarding calculation, design and product expertise. An expertise that covers the theoretical as well as practical aspects of filtration including knowledge of industrial processes.

We deliver filtration systems according to European norms and standards, mainly the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EC but we can also supply towards Off-shore standards and American Standards (U-stamp). Our products are most often produced in 304L and 316L, but duplex materials and titanium occurs. Filters in carbon steel has become less important during the years. Our filters are designed from 7 bar and up.

Complete and Customized Solutions
Besides Ramson's standard products, we deliver customized solutions for industries mainly in Europe. Our goal is that our flexible and high quality products will meet the demands from various industry sectors as well as fulfill the environmental requirements of today.

Ramson distributes also some complementery products from the world's leading manufacturers. Examples Rotary unions and swivels from Filton Ltd and heat exchangers of BLOKSMA type from Kelvion.

Ramson's view on standard
Ramson designs, manufactures and distributes filters and pressure equipment. Our strength is knowledge and experience in filtration and filtration technology.

Quality for Ramson is to meet the clients expectations regarding quality , delivery reliabilty and overall economy. To meet the requirements of our clients, Ramson works according to a five-step plan.

  1. With a close and long-term collaboration with world leading manufacturers, we create a collection of filter products. This makes Ramson a qualified supplier and distributor of filter solutions, adaptable to all our requirements given by our clients.
  2. Adapting and customizing our own manufacturing according to the clients' needs.
  3. Togheter with our customers we develop solutions of value regarding both soft-ware and hard-ware.
  4. A competent and dedicated workforce.
  5. Our quality development is monitored by regular follow up of the performance of our internal processes.

Quality Management
Ramson is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 3834-2:2005, with required traceability of the equipment supplied.

Furthermore, Ramson is a certified supplier to Swedish nuclear plants, according to FG-2012-0254 rev 1, until January 15 2018.