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Ransome Equipment is committed to be the outstanding resource for your construction equipment attachment needs. Our goal is to utilize over 50 years of experience in the construction equipment business to manufacture, locate and source the attachments our customers need at the best value. Thus, you will find that nobody can equal us for doing the job of supplying our customers and their construction equipment attachment needs. The nickname `The Grappler` has evolved for Percy`s company to symbolize their success as the outstanding source for construction equipment attachments as they continue to demonstrate that nobody can compare to the responsiveness of Ransome Equipment Sales. So when you get that job or customer request for our type of equipment, call us and let us show you how we have earned our reputation!

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106 Ark Road , Lumberton , New Jersey 08048 USA

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Construction & Construction Materials
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Ransome Equipment Sales was founded in 1994 by Percy Ransome, a former owner of Giles and Ransome and president of the family owned Caterpillar Equipment Dealership.  In this new venture Percy, once again, is relying heavily on family involvement with his wife Marie, son Eric and several other associates who are aggressively seeking to offer our customers the best value in attachments and construction equipment in today's competitive market.  Percy has searched the country and the world for the best source of construction equipment attachments to better serve his customers.
Our objective is to offer you experience and expertise in sourcing your attachment needs by utilizing state-of-the-art electronic resources.  Our resources are a capability unique to our company not offered by anyone else in the industry or the world.  This approach gives you the following capabilities and benefits:

1. The Ransome System allows us to communicate electronically with every equipment dealer in North America to search for equipment needed, or broadcast construction equipment attachments we want to sell.  Instant communication to find what you need!

2. We also manufacture products when the used brand-name attachments are not available at a reasonable price.  By manufacturing ourselves, we provide the most competitive quality attachments which allow our customers or dealer network to be more productive, responsive, versatile, and thus more profitable.

3. Finally, our third resource is our in-house data bank of over 10,000 used attachments available for sale nationwide.  No one else in North America can tell you where to find these attachments like we can!  For example, we have over 200 Labounty shears available to meet your specific job application!