RASco, Inc.

RASco, Inc.

We provide engineering, consulting, and design services as well water treatment equipment sales and services. Wide spectrum of environmental, engineering, equipment fabrication and operation/maintenance support and services for Federal, State and local government agencies and private sector commercial and industrial clients. Each of our clients receive high quality, professional and timely services that address their particular needs and requirements.

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1635-2 Woodside Dr. , Woodbridge , Virginia 22191 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Water and Wastewater
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Regionally (various states or provinces)

RASco, Inc. is a growing and dynamic Engineering, Consulting and Design firm. RASco, Inc. has an established reputation of providing a wide spectrum of environmental, engineering, energy management, alternate energy, AT/FP, equipment fabrication and operation/maintenance support and services for Federal, State as well as local government agencies and private sector commercial and industrial clients. Our clients receive high quality, professional, timely services individualized to their particular needs and requirements.

RASco, Inc. was founded in February 1991 by current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Vincent J. Ciccone, PhD, PE, BCEE. The Company is a successor to a former engineering corporation, VJC & Associates, founded in 1977, and headed by Dr. Ciccone, which was acquired by a large international engineering firm in 1988. RASco, Inc’s overall mission is to create physical infrastructure solutions that improve homeland security, force protection, public health, facilities operations, productivity, energy management and the environment. We accomplish this mission in multiple sectors (government, agriculture, commercial, and industrial) through a range of products and services.

In 2008, Mr. John Ciccone became the active President and Chief Operating Officer of RASco, Inc. Mr. Ciccone brought additional capabilities to the company based upon the employment of advanced technologies.  As a result, RASco, Inc. has continued to thrive during tough economic times as we support the needs of a growing list of clientel.

RASco provides expertise-added security to mission critical and “icon” facilities. As a particular area of focus, RASco offers field-proven, diversified utility infrastructure product line featuring our Hyd-RO-Secure™ drinking water treatment units. RASco technology is in place and operating at a number of highly visible and sensitive sites around the world. We also offer mobile systems for preparedness, rapid response, and disaster relief applications. Our experience in developing new or integrating existing technologies for water treatment, our work in high-security environments, and our more recently expanded R,D&D capability, led to funding by a U.S. Government counter-terrorism agency to develop a water system protecting mission-critical installations. This system is designed to meet the challenges of chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) hazards, and has been successfully tested at extreme levels with live, weapons-grade agents. A prototype system has already been designed, fabricated, tested, and installed in a high-security, critical facility.

RASco personnel have previously and more recently developed patentable new technologies. An existing patent covers the Reverse Osmosis Multi-Element Module (ROMEM ®). RASco personnel have also developed a computerized process control product line called the RASco HYD‑RO‑VISION TM System for several government and private clients.