Recyc PHP Inc.

Recyc PHP Inc.

Recyc PHP Inc.

Recyc PHP Inc. (Personal Hygiene Products) is a Drummondville company that specializes in the recycling of industrial rejects from personal hygiene products (adult incontinence briefs or baby diapers). We separate this waste into fluff pulp (cellulosic fibres), super absorbent polymers (sodium polyacrylate) and plastic films. Recyc PHP works in partnership with customers and contractors to develop new products and liquid absorption solutions. We want to become the partner of choice for inventive solution development and be recognized for our environmental performances. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our materials and solutions. Among the proposed solutions, some finished products are manufactured by Recyc PHP such as water-soluble absorbent pouches, absorbent socks, absorbent boxes, lightweight litter and absorbent pellets.

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2575-28A, St-Joseph boul , Drummondville , QC J2B 7V4 Canada
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Oil Spills
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Internationally (various countries)

Operations Summary
We receive raw materials from our suppliers in bales. After, these bales are placed in an unpacker using a forklift. The materials that come out of the unpacker goes through a metal detector and then are cut in the cutting unit and then transported to the separators, which separate the fluff pulp, the super-absorbent polymers and the plastic films. The plastic is baled and sold to companies specializing in the manufacturing of plastic parts.

Then, the super absorbent polymers are separated from the fibres in another type of separator. The fluff pulp is baled for resale to remake baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene products, non-woven airlaid type or new materials.

Finaly, super absorbent polymer particles are cleaned to remove impurities and are sold in different formats. These polymers can be used in various areas as described on our website.

Several dust collectors maintain a clean working environment.

Recyc PHP is one of the rare companies in the world that specializes in the treatment of industrial hygiene products rejects.

Here is a brief historical adventure.

2006: Foundation of the company by Daniel Fortin, engineer. Purchase and installation of an industrial personal hygiene recycling line.

2007: First independent recycler of hygiene products to reclaim super-absorbent polymers.

2008 à 2011: Constant improvement of its separation process in order to meet the market’s requirements of all reclaimed products.

2012: Recipient of the “Coeur Vert” (Green Heart) recognition award from a committee of environmental sectorial manpower.

2012-2013: Development of a production process for absorbent pellets. This process allows to mix different materials and compress them to make pellets.

2013: Recyc PHP’s activities life cycle study and the implementation of a quinquennial action plan to reduce the ecological footprint of the company.

2013:  Certification “Ici on Recycle – Level 2” demonstrating the proper management of waste generated by the company.

2014-2015:  Acquisition and installation of a new equipment to reclaim more sodium polyacrylate. This installation also allowed us to create a new and more pure fluff pulp containing only traces of sodium polyacrylate and dust. Thanks to this newest acquisition, we have significantly increased the quantity of treated material and we can diversify our product offer.

2015:  Added 2 working shifts to treat new raw material volumes.

2016: Recipient of the “Prix Reconnaissance CAE Drummond” for the 2016 edition.

Since the beginning of its activities, the company has, and will continue, to build stronger relations with its partners, allowing it to be positioned as a leader in its domain. The next few years promise to be the very exciting for the development of new applications of our different products.