REDO Water Systems GmbH

REDO® Water Systems GmbH is a young, internationally operating company for the development, production and distribution of Water Disinfection Units. Launched in 2002 and based in Gross-Zimmern in the greater Frankfurt area, Germany, the company follows the business objective to establish their innovative water treatment- technology in the world-wide market. For this REDO® Water Systems offers a great variety of multi-purpose high-class water purification units for the cleaning, disinfection of rawwater. The stationary and mobile REDO®units are based on a specific technology, which, in contrast to conventional forms of water treatment, does not require chemical additives: with just a little salt and electricity, the highly reliable units efficiently and ecological neutrally produce a pure drinking water of superior quality.

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Waldstr. 79 , Groß-Zimmern , 64864 Germany

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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Originally, we set out to help solve the growing global drinking water problems in disaster areas – with mobile units providing high water quality at the lowest operating costs and maximum security.

We realized very quickly that the method, which we had developed, beyond the disinfecting of drinking water, can be applied in countless fields – mainly where water itself represents an asset or contributes to the value of a product, will profit from the REDO technology.

Since founding the company in 2002 and beginning with the operative side of the business in 2004, we have, in addition to continuous product development, also established in four major areas specific Know-how and provide our customers with a competent partner on the way to increasing their business success.

A large number of companies in various industries utilize the effective and reliable technology from REDO Water Systems for water treatment or for disinfecting their assets and peripherals. Wherever high-quality drinking water is needed or the water quality is a criterion for the success of a business, the application of  the innovative REDO technology can improve the efficiency and at the same time result in higher economic efficiency. In 2004, REDO Water Systems received therefore from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor the Federal Award for Outstanding Innovative Achievement. Since then our company has built up new business sectors and targeted other markets. Through constant technical development, in close cooperation with our customers, continuously new areas are being added where the REDO disinfecting process can be applied.