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Redoma Recycling AB - former Retech Recycling Technology AB - founded in 1984 is a leading manufacturer of small and medium-sized cable recycling plants. Worldwide we have successfully installed more than 350 cable plants under the brand name System Redoma. Under our new owner Eldan Recycling A/S we are offering a wide range of small and medium-sized cable plants for processing all types of cables with capacity from 150 kg/h to 1700 kg/h generating copper, aluminum and plastic granules as end product and lead, steel and dust as by products. Our equipment is well known for its high quality, flexible design and reliability.

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Redoma Recycling - A World Leader in the Field of Cable Recycling
As of January 1st 2016, REDOMA Recycling AB is part of the ELDAN Group, forming the world’s largest manufacturer of cable recycling equipment with 90 years of joint experience.

Recycling of cable scrap - 'From Cable to Cash'
Traditionally we are offering three types of cable recycling lines providing cost-efficient tailor made system solutions for capacities from 150 kg/h up to 1700 kg/h: Thunderhawk, Powerkat and Firefox. Our machinery is built for tough working conditions providing a perfect solution for every customer!

We help you to convert useless scrap into valuable, new raw materials for creative re-use - a profitable business for you and beneficial for the environment!

A solution for every customer
Most of our plants are designed according to the building-block system for maximum flexibility. All plants are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. Many of the machines, for example rough choppers, granulators, screening machines, etc can be used for similar applications in different recycling plants.

Redoma Recycling uses only environmental-friendly and mechanical processes without generating any dangerous gases or toxins free from harmful effects on the environment and human beings.

Recycling Makes Sense
In our modern industrial world, recycling has become a global necessity in order to save and reutilize vital natural resources. In view of this, recycling itself is a huge and profitable industry offering many business opportunities.

Cable Recycling - The Old Way and the New Way
The production of cable scrap in the western world amounts to approximately 1,000 tons per 1 million population. This represents a huge mountain of precious natural resources, particularly copper and aluminum. The old way of handling cable scrap was to burn it, in order to get rid of the plastic insulation. This approach has serious harmful effects on nature and human beings. The burning process of PVC is well known to cause serious environmental damages. For example, very toxic hydrochloric acid is often a by-product when PVC is burnt and comes in contact with water. Burning of cable scrap is today prohibited by governments in almost every country. However, illegal burning of cable scrap is still practiced widely in certain countries.

Redoma Recycling offers a much wiser solution - efficient and profitable recycling plants without harmful effects. We are offering an environmental-friendly technology for recycling of all types of scrap cable. We have developed a unique dry, mechanical process which does not generate any dangerous gases or toxins and free from harmful effects on nature and human beings.

We have a strong commitment to providing efficient recycling equipment and know-how which can both help to preserve nature and its precious resources, while at the same time providing profitable business opportunities for all our customers.

Recycling Makes Sense - it is as simple as that.

The corporate roots of Eldan Recycling A/S dates back to 1956, and when E. Laursens Maskinfabrik A/S was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Ejvind Laursen. The company produced and marketed various types of scrap shears.

In 1971 the company moved to new and bigger production facilities in Faaborg on Funen, Denmark.

In 1980 Steen Laursen took over the company from his father, Ejvind Laursen and the company changed its name to Eldan. The name Eldan originates from E (Ejvind) L (Laursen) and DAN (Denmark). The activities on the export market were intensified and today Eldan markets its system solutions globally. Contact with customers is maintained through own sales offices as well as an extensive agent network.

Over the years the company extended its product portfolio and today it includes cable strippers, alligator shears, ACSR shears, machines and complete plants for processing of e.g. tyre, cable, electronics (WEEE), aluminium. Since the beginning the company has specialized in developing and manufacturing of machines and plants for the recycling industry.

In 1999 Eldan was sold to the large Swedish business group Carl Bennet AB (website) with Steen Laursen remaining as Managing Director of the company. Since 2000 Eldan has been a part of the environmental section of Carl Bennet AB - Lifco AB (website).

In 2001 Eldan moved to its current, larger facilities in Faaborg.

In 2005 Toni Reftman was made Managing Director of Eldan preparing the company for Steen Laursen’s retirement.

In 2008 Eldan Recycling expanded their production facilities considerably by adding two new workshops to the premises and today the premises of Eldan Recycling A/S is covering an area of 10.000 m2. This step was taken to meet the high demand for Eldan equipment and to shorten the delivery time. This also gives an excellent opportunity carry out trials with the specific material types.

Until 2009 Steen Laursen was involved in the company as a business development manager and consultant.

In 2014 49.9% of the Lifco Group was introduced and noted on the Nasdaq Stockholm’s main list. The majority (50.1%) of the Lifco Group is however still owned by Carl Bennet AB.