The Regain SPL Treatment process is an on-site solution for processing of aluminium smelter by-products such as Spent Potlining (SPL). The Regain process eliminates all of the problems with this hazardous waste. Not only does Regain de-toxify the SPL and remove the flammable gas problem, there are no residual materials produced that require further processing or landfill. Since 2001 more than 200,000 tonnes of SPL has been processed by our three facilities. Regain has developed a series of boutique products that have been embraced by progressive cement and clay brick manufacturers eager to reduce their energy costs and emissions, and increase production. Regain products do all of this. Right now the cement markets are demanding more product than Regain can supply, so Regain can treat as much SPL as the smelters produce and also get rid of stockpiles. Regain: no residue, no transport risk – no worries.

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Waste and Recycling - Hazardous Waste
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Internationally (various countries)