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Renewable Choice Energy helps establish clients as leaders in their industry by supporting sustainability initiatives that increase transparency, reduce risk, lower costs, leverage competitive advantage and improve stakeholder relations. For over a decade they’ve demonstrated expertise in measurement, management and outreach in their work with hundreds of leading Fortune 500 and small companies alike. Their team of experts can help clients meet and exceed a wide range of objectives in the areas of CDP and additional voluntary reporting, supply chain sustainability assessments and scorecard programs, greenhouse gas inventories, energy audits, renewable energy & carbon offsets, CSR messaging, and strategic planning and management.

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4775 Walnut St., Ste 230 , Boulder , Colorado 80301 USA

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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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Vision Statement

Renewable Choice promotes a revolutionary shift in the energy economy and the end of dependence on carbon-based fuels by working to change the global energy paradigm towards one of sustainability and ecological regeneration.

We achieve our vision by engaging, educating, and collaborating with our stakeholders; leading the industry with innovative strategies, products, and service solutions; delighting our customers; establishing strong corporate partnerships; and providing employees with fulfilling yet balanced careers of which they can be proud.

For a decade, Renewable Choice has helped clients become leaders in their industry by supporting sustainability initiatives that increase transparency, reduce risk, lower costs, leverage competitive advantages and improve stakeholder relations.

We offer products and services in areas of carbon accounting and disclosure, supply chain sustainability assessments and scorecard programs, renewable energy and carbon offsets and education and outreach services. We collaborate with businesses of all shapes and sizes around the globe from small and mid-sized companies to leading Fortune 500 organizations.

Experience and Innovation

Whether it is sponsoring a large scale wind farm, introducing a renewable energy retail product, or leading the way in supply chain sustainability program support, Renewable Choice is widely recognized for creative and impactful initiatives, and forward-thinking client partnerships. Our clients receive innovative solutions that no one else delivers.

Unique View Point

For sustainable supply chain programs, we support both buying organizations and their suppliers, giving Renewable Choice a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that are being faced both upstream and downstream in the supply chain.  Our experience translates into a well developed strategy for positioning and executing programs that make a difference and drive results.

Leading Supplier of Green Power for LEED.

Renewable Choice is the leading supplier of green power for LEED® green building projects, and to the green building market. We're proud to have worked with than 2,000 LEED building projects across the world with 100% success in green power credit approval.

Unparalleled Access to Supply

Renewable Choice works with renewable energy and carbon offset developers and projects across the globe to connect clients to the most impactful environmental projects in the world. Renewable Choice has been on the forefront of advocating and supporting strong industry standards for many years.

Recognized for Leadership

In recognition of our achievements, Renewable Choice and our clients have been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN , USA TODAY and hundreds of other media outlets across the world. Along with our clients, we’ve also received prestigious sustainability awards from, the EPA and Department of Energy.

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

At Renewable Choice, we not only work with clients and partners to measure and reduce their environmental impact, but we practice what we teach. Read more about our corporate environmental responsibility commitments and initiatives.

At Renewable Choice, we not only work with clients and partners to measure and reduce their environmental impact, but we practice what we teach. Our corporate environmental responsibility commitments and initiatives include:

  • Zero Waste – we have full-spectrum office material and cell phone recycling, and composting programs
  • Clean Energy – our office and employee home electricity is offset with wind power
  • Reduced Travel – we have reduced corporate travel by 50% since 2008
  • Alternative Transportation -  we provide the RTD Eco Pass to employees for free bus and rail transportation and encourage and support use of alternative transportation
  • Bike Friendly Business – in 2011, Renewable Choice was recognized as a Boulder, Colorado Bike Friendly Business for our efforts to make our operation bicycle friendly for employees and customers
  • Carbon Reductions – we offset the carbon impact of emissions from all business travel, as well as employee personal vehicle use
  • Telework Options – we support telework options for our employees that helps reduce their need to drive to work
  • Green Auto Care – we offer matching funds for using a local environmentally-minded car repair and maintenance provider
  • Reduced Resource Use - we make an effort to reduce waste whenever possible, including using electronic forms of communication, turning off lights, in-house water filter instead of bottled water, etc.
  • 10 for Change Member - We have taken on the 10 for Change Challenge which supports Boulder businesses in reducing their workplace energy consumption by up to 10 percent.
  • Environmentally-Preferred Office Products - we purchase recycled and reusable office products whenever possible
  • Responsible Vendors - we utilize green-friendly vendors, such as copy services, natural snack vending and more, whenever possible
  • B Corporation Certified – we are proud to have met rigorous performance standards and are using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems