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Renewable World, a registered international non-profit organisation, works in East Africa, South Asia and Central America to tackle poverty through the provision of affordable renewable energy in remote, off-grid settings. The organisation focuses on working with the `poorest of the poor`, i.e. with communities who presently cannot afford or are not serviced by private energy providers, and for whom a lack of energy is a serious impediment to economic and social development. Renewable World`s unique relationship with the Renewable Energy industry allows it to leverage funds, skills, expertise and resources to support and develop its work. Over 1.3 billion people cannot access electricity. Indoor pollution from paraffin, wood, grass or animal dung used for lighting and heating kills nearly two million people every year, mainly women and children.

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Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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Access to affordable and reliable energy services is critical in empowering energy-poor people to lift themselves out of poverty.

Renewable World tackles poverty in developing countries by enabling the provision of affordable renewable energy systems for energy-poor communities. We work through partners to provide renewable energy services to the energy poor where financial or geographical barriers prevent public or private sector solutions being effective.

Can you imagine running your business or even living day to day without power? 1.4 billion people worldwide have no access to energy. Pollution from fuel used for lighting and heating and lack of access to clean water are both major killers. Renewable World works to address these issues by providing affordable and sustainable renewable energy services to those living in energy poverty.

Our projects provide clean energy to improve crop yields, enable communication and trade and support the growth of new businesses. Education is improved as children can study in the evenings, and schools can open later for adult education. Affordable energy improves health through the use of clean lighting and cooking sources, and because clean water can be pumped direct to households. A sustainable supply of energy means that healthcare is more accessible because clinics can keep vaccines, HIV tests and snakebite anti-venom in fridges.

Renewable World, formally known as the Koru Foundation, was set up in 2007 with support from individuals within the Renewable Energy Industry to act as the link between the European Renewable Energy sector and energy poor communities who are most vulnerable to climate change.

Renewable World is a registered charity which tackles poverty using renewable energy. We support the provision of affordable renewable energy services to improve incomes, health and education in the developing world.

Our Vision: A world where renewable energy is readily accessible to all, helping to end extreme poverty and reduce climate change.

Our Mission: We will lead in developing and deploying effective ways of bringing renewable energy at scale to poor communities, empowering them to achieve sustainable and resilient livelihoods.

Our Purpose: Empowering energy-poor communities to develop sustainable livelihoods through the provision of renewable energy systems.

Vision Statement

A world where renewable energy is readily accessible to all, helping to end extreme poverty and reduce climate change.

Mission Statement

We will lead in developing and deploying effective ways of bringing renewable energy at scale to poor communities, empowering them to achieve sustainable and resilient livelihoods.

Our Purpose

Empowering energy-poor communities to develop sustainable livelihoods through the provision of renewable energy systems.


Our shared values define us and hold us together as a team enabling the impossible to happen.

  • Sustainable: at the heart of how we work is the core of sustainability in technology, project implementation and our own organisation.
  • Collaborative: we work together as one team with our partners and supporters to deliver change at community levels.
  • Transformative: our work makes a real and tangible difference to people’s lives and our global impact on the planet.
  • Passionate: about our planet, what we do, where we work and who we work with.
  • Enterprising: We support partners and beneficiaries to be innovative in their use of energy, building enterprises which will create income opportunities, stimulate trade and increase their financial stability.


To use affordable, reliable and renewable energy technology at the community and individual level to:

  • Improve health through the use of clean lighting and cooking solutions and the provision of clean water.
  • Increase hours spent in education through the reduction of time spent by children, particularly girls, collecting water and firewood for cooking and household use.
  • Increase quality of education through access to renewable energy to light and power schools and other centres of learning/education.
  • Increase household income through access to energy that gives better opportunities for job and micro-enterprise development.
  • Increase economic resilience of household income through having a reliable, cheap and clean source of energy.
  • To reduce carbon emissions and ensure sustainable use of natural resources through reduction of use of harmful and unsustainable energy sources such as firewood, kerosene, etc.

We give people power. They own it. They use it. They build better lives

We believe in a world with universal access to energy and water. Our evidence based approach tackles the issues of energy poverty and water scarcity using tailored and appropriate technology to have proven positive impacts on health, education, sanitation and livelihoods.

Our unique implementation model sets us apart

There are other organisations that do similar work but what makes us different is our sustainable, community led approach to tackling poverty. We follow a unique process of implementation to ensure that the technology we install is sustainable on every level.

Our sustainable approach means that:

  • the technology is appropriate to the geography and location
  • the system does not deplete natural resources used by other communities
  • the technology is accepted and valued by the community
  • all members of the community are involved in the proccess and have access to the energy
  • tariffs are introduced to support ongoing maintenance and repair
  • there is a governance structure in place to manage the technology system and tariffs
  • selected community members are trained to repair and maintain the technology
  • women and youth are fairly represented
  • the community members are trained with the skills and knowledge they need to use the energy for productive enterprise
  • small businesses are linked with markets to enable them to sell their goods

The process

We ask communities about their needs, and assess the natural resources available to them. We work with them to plan renewable energy systems to bring them whatever they need most, whether it is water, light, or electricity. We make sure that the planned system is appropriate and will not deplete or redirect resources used by other communities. We work with community stakeholders to set these systems up, and to train them in their use and governance.

After that, the communities take projects into their own hands. They use their new energy to increase crop yields and varieties, pursue education, start and improve businesses. More diverse income streams mean one bad harvest or drop in goods prices won’t leave people with nothing. They can prosper in the good times, and they are stronger in the bad.

We encourage innovation

Our enterprise workshops teach people the basic skills they need to start, improve and manage small businesses related to an improved supply of energy or water. In communities we work with people use heat to turn near-worthless local fruit into profitable jellies and candies. They charge mobile phones so they can chase business opportunities.  They use new toilet blocks linked to biogas digesters, improving both hygiene and energy output.

Our projects are not a quick fix

We never start a project unless it can be sustained. We ensure that community members are trained in maintenance, that they can meet upkeep costs, and that energy is distributed fairly.

We do not provide hand-outs. We provide the tools people need to power themselves out of poverty.