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  • Facilities Under Positive Pressure

    Building pressure is the difference between the outside air supplied to a building and the air removed from inside a building.  Typically, a facilities managers are trying to achieve a building with slight positive building pressure, meaning ...

    Jenny Peterson

  • Monitor Air Velocity Wirelessly!

    RLE Adds Wireless Air Velocity Sensors to WiNG Platform RLE’s WiNG wireless facility monitoring products came onto the scene almost 18 months ago, and the market’s acceptance and implementation of these products has been phenomenal. A ...

    Jenny Peterson

  • RLE Launches NEW Wi-Fi Temp/Humidity Sensor

    Monitor Temperature and Humidity Via Your Wi-Fi Network As Wi-Fi technology evolves to become cheaper, more reliable, and more secure, we’ve noticed that many of our customers are using Wi-Fi to power their networks.  RLE Technologies ...

    Jenny Peterson

  • WiNG Wireless Leak Detection

    With over 35 years of experience and 16 million feet of patented leak detection cable in service globally, RLE’s proven to be the industry leader in leak detection.  Now we’ve combined our popular, dependable leak detection products ...

    Jenny Peterson

  • LD1000 - Now with Modbus!

    Our popular LD1000 zone leak detection controller just got even better – it’s now Modbus enabled! With little to no maintenance and the reliability and quality you’ve come to appreciate and expect from RLE products, the LD1000 is ...

    Jenny Peterson

  • Now is the Time to Fix Your Data Center Hot Spots!

    Are you puzzled by the hot spots in your data center?  In most data centers, like the one depicted in the chart below, cooling resources are overabundant but airflow is insufficiently distributed for rack-level cooling – which results in ...

    Jenny Peterson