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ROMAG specializes in the development and manufacture of screens for overflow structures. For many years they have been collaborating with professional experts from the water resources sector and have therefore acquired extensive experience and references both at home and abroad. CSO overflow works, stormwater treatment, equipment for stormwater basins. Treatment (microfiltering) of rainwater from roads with heavy traffic.

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Birchstrasse 28 , Duedingen , CH-3186 Switzerland

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US


Environmental engineering, sewage treatment / rainwater

High-performance screen rakes for spillway structures and weir conduits and channels. Storm-water basin equipment including control systems. Controlled overflow weirs, also combined with screen rakes.


High-grade/stainless steel construction / machine construction

All-in equipment packages for reservoirs, pumping stations, manways. Components for drinking water conditioning and sewage-treatment plants. Building equipment. High-grade/stainless steel structures for the chemical and foodstuffs industries. Coolers and chillers for powder paint production.


Covers and openings

Covers passably for motor vehicles with 40 tons.


All special stainless steel executions.


  • Well-trained, motivated staff
  • Sophisticated, time-proven products
  • Certificates and approvals: ISO 9001, SVTI, TÜV, ERI, SVGW and CE


  • Flexible in production and logistics
  • Flexible in order handling
  • Customer-oriented organisation

An international company

  • Multi-lingual customer advisors and specialists
  • Partnerships worldwide

Products / service

  • High product and service quality
  • High level of public awareness
  • Very good image


  • A pioneer in the sector of high-performance screen rakes
  • A pioneer in the sector of sludge drying systems
  • EUREKA project partner

ISO 9001

from SQS (Schweiz. Vereinigung für Qualitätsund Management-Systeme) Certificate

ISO 9001

from IQNET (International Certification Network), Certificate

ISO 3834-2

from SQS, (Schweiz. Vereinigung für Qualitäts- und Management-Systeme), Certificate

Swiss TS

Zulassung Herstellung von bewilliungspflichtigen Druckbehälter, Certificate

Swiss TS

Umstempelungsberechtigung von druckführenden Geräten, Certificate

Swiss TS

Swiss TS A1, Certificate

Swiss TS

Swiss TS C1, Certificate


Brunnendeckel E6, Certificate


Drucktüre B1-95M / B1-92M, Certificate

ATEX 0121

Atex-Zertifizierung Siebrechen, Certificate