Romtec Utilities Inc.

Romtec Utilities specializes in the design, supply, and construction of all types of pumping systems. We work with engineers, developers, and major industries to develop and supply site-specific package pumping systems that incorporate all required and specified structural, mechanical, electrical, and communication equipment for each package system.

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18240 North Bank Road , Roseburg , Oregon 97470-8416 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Romtec Utilities, Inc. designs, supplies and constructs pre-engineered package pump stations – complete commercial, municipal, agricultural and industrial fluid handling equipment systems. Romtec Utilities water and wastewater packaged pumping systems are designed for ease of installation, efficient and reliable operation and low maintenance. Romtec offers complete water and wastewater pump system design and engineering, AutoCAD drawings and submittals plus technical support for pump system sizing and complete pump station configuration.

Romtec Utilities factory-built pump stations are engineered for use as:

  • Wastewater lift stations – commercial and municipal sewage pumping systems
  • Stormwater pump stations – surface and subsurface water pumping systems
  • Industrial pumping systems – industrial waste and process water pumping stations
  • Agricultural pump systems – irrigation and agricultural wastewater pump stations
  • Raw water intake/pumping systems – municipal and industrial water supply pumps
  • Clean water booster stations – package water booster and pump transfer stations
  • Water reuse pump/distribution systems – treated effluent pumping systems
  • Water and wastewater treatment pump systems – water and wastewater/effluent pumping

Romtec Utilities provides many pump/lift station services including:

  • Pump/lift station structural engineering – uplift calculation, seismic analysis
  • Pump system mechanical engineering – duty point calculation, pump selection
  • Pump/lift station electrical engineering – load analysis, control panel design
  • Free pump/lift station sizing, pump performance curve, design proposal, quotation
  • Pumping station submittals – CAD drawings, design and materials specifications
  • Sewer/water regulatory agency coordination and submittal approval assistance
  • Factory assembly of pre-packaged pump stations (prefabricated pumping systems)
  • Delivery of complete water/wastewater pump station to project site
  • Advising of consulting civil engineer and pump system installation contractor
  • Complete turnkey package pumping system construction
  • Pump station start-up and comprehensive testing
  • Lift station operation and maintenance training of water/wastewater agency staff
  • Operation and maintenance documents (O&M manuals) for the package pumping system
  • Comprehensive pump/lift station warranty service

Romtec Utilities complete pumping systems include components such as:

  • Factory-built Wet Well, Dry Pit, Valve Vault
  • Factory-built precast concrete or fiberglass wet wells with self-cleaning basins
  • Prefabricated pump mounting and discharge fittings, preassembled piping, influent flow control systems
  • Primary and redundant/backup liquid level sensing devices (floats, probes, pressure sensor, ultrasonic)
  • Prefabricated wet well and vault hatches with confined space entry control, ventilation, davit crane

Submersible Pumps, Grinder Pumps, Chopper & Macerator Pumps, Vertical Turbines, Self-priming Pumps

  • Pumps sized for specific duties – manufactured by various pump companies
  • Simplex, duplex and triplex submersible wastewater and stormwater solids handling pumps
  • Sewage grinder pumps, chopper pumps, macerator pumps
  • Vertical turbine pumps, vertical and horizontal self-priming pumps
  • Influent grinders – JWC Environmental Muffin Monster and other macerators

Pump System Electrical Equipment, Lift Station Control Panels, Pump System Telemetry, Standby Generator

  • Pump disconnect panels and pump junction boxes (in-ground and above-ground)
  • Factory-assembled and pressure-tested pump station valve vaults built to spec.
  • Check valves, plug valves, iso-ring pressure sensor, pump bypass port, pig launcher, vault sump pump
  • UL listed pump station control panels, basic to full SCADA, controls by MultiTrode, Allen Bradley
  • Cummins pump station standby generator and automatic transfer switch
  • Romtec lift station control building or shelter for pump station controls

Turnkey Pumping Systems – Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Start-up, Training, Warranty
Romtec Utilities designs, manufactures, supplies and installs complete pumping systems for wastewater and stormwater, raw and clean water, industrial waste and process water, recycled water and water/wastewater treatment. Each Romtec Utilities package pump station is designed, manufactured and installed for the specific site and performance demands and includes all structural, mechanical, electrical and communication systems.

We offer many types of pumping stations, including: submersible wastewater pumps and submersible turbine pumps, non-clog centrifugal sewage pumping systems, wet well-dry pit wastewater pump stations, macerator/grinder pump lift stations, vertical turbine water and effluent pumping systems, raw water intake/distribution pump packages and others.

Romtec Utilities complete pumping systems are designed for a wide variety of pumping applications, both common and specialized, including:

  1. Package Wastewater Lift Stations – Complete sewage pumping systems, triplex and duplex lift stations
  2. Stormwater Pump Stations – Surface & subsurface water pumping systems, stormwater lift stations
  3. Industrial Pumping Systems – Industrial wastewater/process water pumping, agricultural wastewater pumping
  4. Clean Water Intake & Pumping Systems – Raw water collection/pump stations, package booster pump stations
  5. Water Reuse Pump & Distribution Systems – Recycling water pump stations for treated water/industrial water
  6. Water & Wastewater Treatment Pump Stations – Headworks, discharge and distribution pumping systems

In the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis, the market changed and so did Romtec Utilities. Romtec Utilities made a rigorous evaluation of its product offering to become more cost competitive. We also placed more emphasis on working with industrial clients with a broad range of applications. In the following years, Romtec Utilities underwent dramatic changes that have ultimately made us a better company. We expanded our interests to include more stormwater, more wastewater, and more industrial water applications. We improved our vendor relationships to provide our customers with more products and capabilities at lower prices. We developed an efficient and precise documentation process to foster fast and clear communications, and we strengthened our field services and repair capabilities. The story and history of Romtec Utilities is that of a company who specializes in the design and supply of the best, most practical, most affordable, and most sophisticated site specific pumping systems available worldwide. We have completed hundreds of projects across the United States and have supplied packages for international installations.