Rotek A/S

Rotek A/S

Rotek A/S is a Danish company situated in Sønder Felding in the western part of Jutland. We share our facilities with our sister company Emtelle Scandinavia A/S. Rotek A/S used to develop the standards of uncoloured HDPE filters and pipes in northern Europe. Today we have developed into much more.

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Vardevej 140 , Sdr. Felding , DK-7280 Denmark
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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

With more than 20 years in the business and a skilled, professional staff we are capable of solving all jobs in the field of equipment for environmental investigation, of soil mechanics, well drilling, water treatment, and all other contractor jobs. Furthermore, in recent years Rotek has specialised in the delivery of tailor-made equipment to comply with individual technological specifications and budget limitations associated with any project. Today Rotek has more than 6000 square meters under roof, where an advanced machine park produces to customers all over Europe from Lisbon in the south to Helsinki in the north.

With our flexible CNC controlled machines we have specialized in the modification of plastics up to Ø 400mm, and we readily meet special jobs.

Through our international contacts and extensive supplier network we always have the equipment you are looking for.

Quality has always been our primary competitive parameter. Thus in the spring of 2000 we received the Dutch KIWA certificate for our PEH production.

This is your guarantee that our quality control always ensures you clean materials and that all measures are kept within tolerance.

We live by helping our customers to make sure that soil and groundwater are conserved to coming generations. Rotek is giving its contribution to a viable exploitation of our soil and ground water through a steady development of new “ safety” equipment. We design our products partly to make sure that the groundwater aquifers are not polluted in connection with drillings partly to make sure that our customers have the right equipment to search for, identify and limit/eliminate pollution of soil and ground water in case of pollution jobs.

Through our close contact with public authorities and consulting engineers, research centers and water suppliers Rotek currently develops a number of different solutions that are reflected in our production and product offers.These are a couple of examples:

  • Uncoloured HDPE pipes and filters for the investigations of the environment. These KIWA* certified products guarantee an undisturbed water test as they only consist of carbon and hydrogen and do not form the basis of any environmental risk at a later destruction.
  • According to DIN 4925 PVC pipes and filters with O rings assemblings which guarantee water tightness within the outside breaking point of the pipes .This makes the groundwater aquifers safe against possible contamination sources. Mikolit sealing material is a thorouhly described bentonit with the market's best properties of expansion. An efficient protection against cross contamination of the groundwater aquifers.
  • Uncoloured PVC pipes and filters without heavy metals. As the only manufacturer in Europe Rotek can offer these environmental products to the benefit of us all.
  • Rotek only buys plastic raw materials from DS2119 approved manufacturers.This is a guarantee that no recycling materials are used , that the raw material is chemically and toxichologically approved by the environmental authorities and that softeners (phthalates) are not used by the company.
  • All threads carved at Rotek up to Ø140mm. are self-tightening. Our CNC controlled production machinery ensures that. A protection against the contamination of the water bearing strata.
  • Rotek has established a collection arrangement for all our used plastic materials, as well for our used activated carbon. In that way we can have a good grip of our food chain and minimize our environmental strain.
    In the spring of 2000 Rotek was awarded the Dutch KIWA* certificate. This leading quality certificate is your guarantee for clean products, for a clean production, and good service.