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  • Emergency Response / Field Service

    Emergency Response / Field Service

    Available for all types of actuator, in all areas (including hazardous environments). Some customers require guaranteed emergency response times, others require planned response for all types of actuator work, including installation, commissioning, upgrading, connection and installation of bus communication systems, troubleshooting and repair of damaged or deteriorating assets.

  • Retrofit Services

    Retrofit Services

    We have extensive experience in fitting actuators to valves, penstocks and dampers that are already installed as part of existing plant. Whether customers are replacing obsolete actuators, changing power sources or motorising manual valves, we offer a tailor made solution to meet customers’ specific requirements.

  • Actuator Overhaul Services

    Actuator Overhaul Services

    After a long service life customers may prefer their actuators to be completely overhauled rather than replacing them with new ones. In our workshops we completely strip and rebuild actuators, returning them to their original state.

  • Preventative Maintenance Services

    Preventative Maintenance Services

    We provide preventative maintenance to enhance the integrity of actuators and their associated valves. We tailor programmes depending upon the type of actuators, the availability of asset information, and the criticality of the plant to maximise up-time whilst minimising operating costs.

  • Shutdown Outages Services

    Shutdown Outages Services

    We can support customers in making sure that all their actuators are fully operational and that they meet tight shutdown deadlines.

  • Extended Scope Services

    Extended Scope Services

    This is a growing requirement and some of our service teams have the wide range of skills necessary to offer a “one-stop-shop” to automate part or all of a customer’s process. Our capabilities cover all of the installation phases (scoping, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning) on the broad scopes that typically surround actuation projects.

  • Spares Parts

    Spares Parts

    Our team handle all aspects of the supply of spares from technical support, quotations, order processing and shipping. We can offer a tailor made recommended spares package to suit new and existing sites of all sizes and for all applications.

  • Factory Fit Services

    Factory Fit Services

    The careful assembly of valve and actuator is critical to ensure that an automated valve performs correctly and reliably. Whilst this service is often carried out by valve manufacturers, if there is a need we can provide this service.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    With Rotork actuators being used in increasingly diverse applications, support is fundamental to ensure the correct selection of suitable equipment. Based at Rotork’s headquarters in Bath, a team of Sales Support & Applications Engineers are able to offer both Technical and Application support for all products whether they are old or new.