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  • Field Support Services

    Field Support Services

    Rotork provides prompt customer field service response for all types and makes of actuator including those in hazardous environments such as nuclear and off-shore installations. Our support can be planned in advance or in response to emergency situations.

  • Actuator Workshop Overhaul Services

    Actuator Workshop Overhaul Services

    The overhaul, repair and upgrade activities carried out in our workshops are an integral part of the life-of-plant asset management support offered by Rotork Site Services. On completion of work, every overhauled actuator is torque rig tested, and a test certificate is provided confirming that its performance is identical to the day that it was built. We service and repair all major brands of actuators. Our service teams have many years of experience...

  • Planned Shutdown Support Services

    Planned Shutdown Support Services

    Actuators are recognised as major contributors to efficiency, economy and safety. They facilitate the quick start-ups demanded by today’s commercial pressures and they play their part in supporting the demands of modern business environments. Rotork provides actuator removal, service, repair, test, re-connection and re-commissioning on a wide range of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, including non-Rotork units.

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    With Rotork actuators being used in increasingly diverse applications, support is fundamental to ensure the correct selection of suitable equipment.

  • Valve Automation Centres

    Rotork provides a one-stop-shop for all your actuator upgrade and replacement requirements. Design, manufacture, supply and installation of all mechanical and electrical components to facilitate your plant upgrade.

  • Actuator Replacement Services

    Actuator Replacement Services

    Rotork has a wealth of experience in fitting actuators to valves, penstocks or dampers that are already installed on a plant. Whether a customer is replacing obsolete actuators, changing power source or motorising manual valves we are able to offer tailor made solutions designed to comply with our customers' requirements. Retrofitting actuators to valves installed in the pipeline is a safe and cost effective solution that minimises plant disruption....

  • Control and Automation Services

    Control and Automation Services

    Every year Rotork carries out significant control and automation projects throughout the world. This is a growing requirement from our customers who are often looking for a 'one-stop-shop” to automate part or all of their processes.

  • New Valve Automation Services

    New Valve Automation Services

    The careful assembly of the valve to the actuator is critical to ensure that an automated valve performs correctly and reliably. There is a growing need for actuators to be installed on valves after they have left the valve manufacturer’s factory. With our complete range of electric and fluid-power valve actuators, we can automate all valve types regardless of the available power supplies. Working with the engineer responsible for the...

  • System Integration Services

    System Integration Services

    Rotork has extensive expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of custom control systems in pressure, temperature, level and flow applications within the process control industry. Rotork products integrate seamlessly with the majority of industrial control systems as well as our proprietary Pakscan network control system.