Rubbish Direct Ltd.

Rubbish Direct Ltd.

Rubbish Direct Ltd is a great NZ success story. It is a classic story about a couple of mates who had no knowledge of the “Waste Industry” - buying a second hand rubbish truck and embarking on a dream to build a business. It was an adventure that started in 1999 around the pool table of the Empire Tavern on a Friday night. Those early “boardroom meetings” were the catalyst for Mark Smith and Rodger Howie developing Rubbish Direct into the business that it is today. “At that stage we had an old truck, one or two customers and a part time driver. Everybody thought we were mad!”

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32 Bancroft Crescent, Glendene , Auckland , New Zealand

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)


Mark purchased the first truck and incorporated Rubbish Direct Ltd in August 1999. A few months later Rodger joined Mark as his business partner and Dave Richardson was employed as our first full time driver.

“Having no preconceived ideas about how to operate a waste collection company was probably the best thing”. We went right back to basics and started asking customers what they actually wanted”, whereas the large collection companies tended to dictate the terms to the customer. Our philosophy has not changed today.

Over the past 15 years the company has grown rapidly and now employs over 50 staff, runs a fleet of 22 trucks and operates its own recycling processing plant.

From day one we realised that great service was going to be the key to our success. We decided to offer collections on Sundays and public holidays resulting in a service operating 365 days of the year. We have never missed a day since the day we started. Also entering customers’ premises to retrieve their bins was an important extra service that was not being provided for at the time.


In 2001 we purchased our first box body truck to enable us to offer a recycling service. By providing a mixed recycling bin it made it easier for our customers to recycle more and therefore reduce their waste. We set up our own sorting plant and employed staff to hand sort the recycling to a very high standard.

In 2005 we started offering a specialised service to high density residential apartment buildings. This has been so successful that we now service over 20,000 apartments in the Auckland region. Our service has removed bins from the streets and helps to improve the appearance of the Auckland CBD. 

From humble beginnings back in 1999 we are proud to be Auckland owned and operated and servicing the Auckland region. The key to our success has been and will continue to be, exceeding our customer’s expectations on a daily basis.