S&N Airoflo Inc.

S&N Airoflo Inc.

S & N Airoflo, Inc. has supplied floating brush rotors to the municipal and industrial sector for over 20 years. These aerators are engineered to deliver better efficiency higher O2 transfer and mixing performance with less horsepower. Power savings of 30% to 60% have been documented in virtually every type of wastewater treatment application. S & N Airoflo brush rotors can be unloaded, have the floats attached, and placed into position to operate in a few hours.

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1011 Sycamore Avenue , Greenwood , Mississippi 38930 USA
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Water Aeration and Mixing
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Nationally (across the country)
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S&N Airoflo Inc. has combined a unique blade shape and aggressive blade configuration with a floating platform while utilizing a drive assembly that has been continuously improved since 1989. The result of these combinations has created a piece of equipment that is efficient and provides predictable wastewater treatment.

Our equipment design calls for less maintenance based on a simple preventative maintenance program which requires inspections not repairs. S&N Airoflo's equipment can be bank installed for lagoon applications. We have also developed EZ-Access systems for oxidation ditch applications.


  • Activated sludge (basins or ditches)
  • Aerobic digesters
  • Sludge holding
  • Equalization basins
  • Aerated lagoons
  • Deep and Shallow basins
  • Warm and cold weather climates

Airoflo's unique cupped shaped blades and aggressive rotor design transfers oxygen below and above the water surface increasing O2 efficiency. With a direct pumping rate of 2100 gpm/Hp, it is a highly effective mixer for both deep and shallow basins. Horizontal mixing produces a large area of influence reaching corners and sides. Short circuiting can be eliminated.

We support our products with professional design calculations, drawings and recommendations for new installations, retrofits and upgrades of older facilities. Our units are available in stainless steel or galvanized models, from 3 to 20 HP, with many unique design features for high performance, long life and simple, predictable maintenance.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Our machines incorporate high quality motors and gear reduction drives, with the best engineered rotor and blade design in the industry. There are no bolt-on blades to replace or damage the rotor. Our maintenance free UHMW wastewater lubricated bearings and bi-metallic bushings protect the rotor shaft, require no external source of lubrication, and will provide years of maintenance free operation.

We also offer many EZ-Access features that simplify maintenance and enhance safety, such as bridges, walkways, access platforms, safety masts and electrical panels with soft starts. NEW enhancement features include splash shields to allow 24/7 operations in cold weather, and rotor covers for aerosol control and heat retention.


  • Lower operational cost
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Easy low cost installation

Our reputation for providing excellent treatment and product support has made us the leader in the application of floating brush rotors for wastewater treatment.