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S3 Instruments

S3 Instruments provide quality products and services to customers with an emphasis on safety, proper application and efficiency. We also provide complete array of accessories including software application packages, wherever applicable, for various industries which includes but not limited to Oil & Gas, Sugar, Electronics, Construction, Food, Chemical, Building Material etc. In serving the needs of our customers, we strive to ensure quality and efficiency of all the offered products, to ultimately achieve the goals of growth, good reputation, green environment, profitability and beneficial work place environment. We are driven to provide better service, unique solutions and technical support to help our customers excel in today’s high demanding environment. It is our absolute commitment to deliver the best solutions to meet all your production & quality control requirements.

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S3 Instruments offers advanced solutions globally for various labs in the field of Oil & Gas, Construction, Electronics, Analytical and much more, thus becoming your ideal partner for such industries. We specialize in providing customized solution to solve your complex challenges and offer a broad range of service capabilities, including training, technical assistance etc.

Our main customers are testing labs, general contractors, manufacturers, government authorities, ministries, re-sellers, engineers and consultants. We also co-operate with accredited R & D centres and the most important educational institutes worldwide.

S3 Instruments is your partner to measure, analyze and optimize which will efficiently maximize your understanding, while minimizing your expenses.

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It all started in the garage. Lying beneath a stack of storage items, collecting dust quite literally, sat a conventional vacuum cleaner. An idea sparked off one of our founders – what if dust is completely removed from the sanctuary of people’s inhabitation. The idea of central vacuum systems was already in existence but was lack of recognition in Malaysia back in the 80s.
Leaving a consulting engineering career and a successful business, the founding partners, Sri Skanda Rajah and Jason Gan teamed up in 1991 and started Nexa Corporation - the first Malaysian makers of Central Vacuum Systems. From day one, the company primarily focused on quality product and services. This has been the foundation of the ISO certification that the company has achieved throughout the years of quality being the cornerstone of the company’s foundation.

“Quality in Every Aspect of the Business” was the mantra driven by our founders.'
This shaped the company to have over 4,000 references established over a period of 10 years. The brand name “STREAM” was established in 1993, to cover the range of products sold by the company. Over the course of years, the name STREAM has became synonymous in the field of vacuum conveying technology for all streams of homogeneous waste material.
STREAM’s evolution was quite remarkable and attracted Aldes Corporation of France to venture into the business in 1996 by acquiring a strategic stake in the company. Nexa Corporation renamed itself Nexaldes, reflecting the joint ownership of the company. Nexaldes continued to expand its business beyond Malaysia and Singapore to clients from over 25 countries. In 1999, a key client – the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore required a 3 waste fragment system – Dust, Shredded Paper and Solid Waste. This marked the first milestone of STREAM moving away from primarily dust and homogenous conveying systems to conveying solid municipal waste. STREAM developed its own Solid Waste Pneumatic Conveying System to meet the project requirements. STREAM continued on its primary focus in the Pneumatic Sciences and further established patents in the transformational stages of moving into pneumatic conveying of solid waste. With this, came a new product and a compelling offer for customers facing challenges in the management and handling of municipal waste. The demand was exceptionally high that Malaysia and Singapore boast some of the largest number of Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) installations worldwide aided by support from the Government of both countries.
In 2004, AWC Berhad acquired a controlling stake in Nexaldes. AWC Berhad, an investment holding company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad is a leading provider of engineering services, integrated facilities management and environmental services. STREAM has become a member of AWC Berhad.
In 2007, STREAM expanded to the Middle East and positioned the regional office in the UAE. Within 3 years, STREAM elevated itself as the market leader for Automated Waste Collection Systems (AWCS) in the UAE securing contracts valued more than AED 400 million. STREAM placed a foothold in 5 countries and has over 25 city grade references bagged in the pneumatic waste technology.
Nearly all of the company's products used for the technology were designed and developed to high quality grade material and finish. From its chutes and loading stations, pipes, air inlets to today's powerful vacuum exhausters and heavy duty valves and filters.
STREAM has helped pioneer new developments in pneumatic solid waste transport technology over the years, and today, it stands at the forefront of a worldwide industry that is revolutionising the way in which enterprises, developments, organisations, buildings, facilities and people manage solid waste.
The pace of change in solid waste industry is accelerating, and its scope and impact are widening. STREAM looks into the future through offering a modern infrastructure for our daily waste problems!

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Vision Statement
We desire to become the leading company in automated waste collection products at competitive prices.

Mission Statement
To design, manufacture and supply products that improve the environment and maximise returns to our stakeholders.

Product Quality
From the basic design of our system, we place a strong emphasis in sustainability without sacrificing quality and efficiency. We promise to demonstrate our full commitment by complying with the ISO 9001:2008 standard through:

  • The establishment and implementation of policy, objectives, manuals and procedures.
  • Continuous improvement to ensure that the quality system generated is understood by all employees.

With the principle of 'OUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR SUCCESS' we strive to exceed our customer expectations and fulfill their requirements by consistently producing a quality product backed by excellent services, quality project management and prompt delivery.