Safetran, LLC

Safetran, LLC

Safetran, LLC

SAFETRAN, LLC and CSRS Hazmat-Rescue (a SAFETRAN company) is a registered woman owned small business enterprise. SAFETRAN is a forensic science service provider (FSSP) specializing in tactical rescue, emergency response and site safety during forensic investigations for government agencies and select private firms. We provide land-based and maritime rescue services including environmental sampling, security, safety and logistical support. Whether your requirements are turn-key rescue, lab safety, security operations or any single component of the emergency response system, SAFETRAN is ready to protect your Assets. SAFETRAN, LLC offers full service support by board certified and experienced professionals. We have one of the largest inventories of technical rescue, emergency response, and safety support equipment caches in the Western US and Canada.

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CSRS Hazmat-Rescue P.O. Box 1132 , Fremont , California 94538-1132 USA


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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Workplace Safety
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The majority of our services are associated with rescue, occupational safety and health, work at elevation, and operations involving hazardous materials management.

SAFETRAN, LLC holds operating rights in Canada, US and Mexico, we offer complete technical response services including; emergency medical, confined space standby, pre planning, site evaluation, classification, entry team preparation, maritime rescue, onsite first aid and respiratory support, safety and security services, rope rescue (high angle), subterranean-tunnel rescue, construction safety, written OSHA regulatory programs, training, instructional development, and a management team ready to assist your operation, scene or team.