Safety Storage, Inc.

Safety Storage, Inc.

Safety Storage - The Industry Leader - provides the evaluation, engineering*, and compliance team to build and install a HazMat building that will protect facilities and employees... along with your future. Safety is a serious business. The risk from not taking a disciplined approach to developing a plan for hazardous material storage can be devastating. The Safety Storage approach begins with a consultation to learn about your site - and all of the other factors that go into risk mitigation - not just containment but prevention. Online or onsite - it begins with a consult session with experts.

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855 N 5th Street , Charleston , IL 61920 USA
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Workplace Safety
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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Legend has it that while picking up hazardous waste materials at a client site, the founders of SAFETY STORAGE, Inc. had a brilliant flash of insight. They reasoned that the customer could save money, reduce worker exposure and hazardous material handling risks, and enjoy greater overall productivity if…instead of the typical twice-weekly schedule for hazardous waste removal, the customer could safely store his waste on-site until a sufficient volume of waste could be assembled.

It was 1982, and with this simple, yet brilliant innovation based on developing a solution to what the founders perceived to be a customer need, SAFETY STORAGE set up shop and started the prefabricated hazardous material storage building market.

Today business at SAFETY STORAGE is still done with the same level of dedication and focus on the customer's hazmat storage needs.

Each hazardous material storage building begins with an understanding of your operation, the chemicals, flammables, toxic and hazardous materials in use and related worker, property and environmental risks. Since SAFETY STORAGE is committed to full-value, turnkey solutions, we apply our knowledge and experience to designing and developing extra-value fire protection, safe storage and workspace solutions that often extend far beyond the immediate need to meet hazmat code compliance.

SAFETY STORAGE offers a collaborative building design forum that brings together procurement managers, plant engineers, safety engineers, laboratory managers, CFOs and CEOs and others who each have a stake in assuring the safety, productivity and economic well-being of your company.

SAFETY STORAGE, the pioneer in hazardous material storage buildings, was instrumental in developing the fire and safety codes that are still in use today.

Thousands of SAFETY STORAGE units are in service throughout all 50 states, in the military, industry and government and in countries worldwide.

SAFETY STORAGE Inc.'s knowledgeable sales and engineering staff are the best in the industry and strive to serve your needs.


SAFETY STORAGE offers standard and customized hazardous material storage units for the safe, secure storage of landscape chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and application equipment. SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material storage buildings are used in parks, golf courses & recreational facilities, farms, logging operations, fisheries, breweries, food processing plants, government facilities, military installations and municipalities. Landscape contractors, environmental remediation contractors, DOT maintenance facilities, facilities managers, maintenance engineers, pest control professionals and others depend on SAFETY STORAGE to store landscape and agricultural chemicals, pesticides, application equipment and personal protective work gear and equipment.


Compact, ready-to-ship relocatable SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material storage buildings provide the greatest speed of delivery, field flexibility, economy and multi-purpose usage for military or government field operations, base installations and intermediate use structures. These buildings feature a fast setup that is well suited to easily accommodate frequent site changes for the collection and storage of hazardous materials and the secure containment of valuable hazardous and non-hazardous assets.

Ready-to-use SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material storage structures are frequently used as petroleum and oil storage facilities, equipment lockers, chemical storage facilities, equipment repair facilities, waste storage centers, test facilities, cleaning stations and for other purposes.

SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material containment units provide secure storage for chemicals, oil, lubricants and gas; flammable paints; battery storage; hazardous household waste; controlled substances; medical equipment; general use equipment and other assets stored in drums, pails, boxes, totes and small containers.

Relocatable, transport-friendly SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material storage buildings are used by the Army, Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Homeland Security, Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Justice, Municipal & Government Agencies to provide safe hazardous material containment and storage of assets wherever and whenever safe storage is needed.

SAFETY STORAGE offers a wide range of hazardous material storage buildings and specialty equipment for use in military maintenance operations. These include Spill Containment sumps, pallets and pads; BattShop Battery Storage System and DOCS Drive On/Off Containment System. SAFETY STORAGE also offers field refueling and equipment washing buildings and accessories.


SAFETY STORAGE Pre-engineered SAFETY STORAGE systems offer the greatest flexibility and economy in meeting OSHA, EPA, Fire and local zoning code requirements for the storage of hazardous chemicals used in a variety of manufacturing processes and applications.

SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material storage buildings manage the safe storage of solvents, inks, paints, coatings, waste materials and more for metal plating and finishing, printing, package printing and the plastics and converting industries.


Lubrication oils, cleaning chemicals and equipment used for repair and servicing can be stored in a SAFETY STORAGE space-saving combination storage/workroom suite that is equipped for convenience and comfort.

Innovative Safe-T-Pallets, Safe-T Sumps, 4WSP and Rinsate Pad hazardous waste collection systems can be paired with the SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material storage buildings to provide additional protection from leaks and spills


SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material containment buildings are used in government, industrial, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical life sciences, healthcare, chemical laboratories, research laboratories, R&D and product development laboratories, test laboratories, processing plants and manufacturing facilities.

Sturdy, secure SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material storage buildings can be designed as free-standing permanent or relocatable outdoor structures or as fully contained modules located inside your processing or manufacturing area or laboratory. Pre-fabricated, custom engineered SAFETY STORAGE systems are constructed to meet OSHA, EPA, Fire Code and local zoning requirements and are built to accommodate your specific hazardous material storage needs, processing workflow, worker access requirements and safety concerns.

SAFETY STORAGE hazardous material storage buildings offer safe storage and dispensing of bulk active ingredients, biomaterials (including raw material feedstock, chemicals, waste materials and equipment), solvents, chemicals, packaging gases (hydrogen H2, oxygen O2, and carbon dioxide CO2), processing gasses, cleanroom chemicals and process waste sludge.


Custom engineered prefabricated SAFETY STORAGE buildings offer faster turnaround, lower-costs and greater flexibility than traditional brick and mortar construction, and SAFETY STORAGE buildings can be placed wherever they are needed to provide convenient, close-to-production supply chain efficiencies.

Special storage units can be designed to accommodate out-of-date, unused or contaminated pharmaceuticals or to provide product-specific temperature-consistent refrigeration or heating. Comfortable storage, access and work space area configurations can also be developed.

Innovative, cost and space-saving, multiple-needs buildings with a secure, dedicated waste-flow exit path can be designed for storage of non-compatible chemicals and/or chemical supplies and waste materials.