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    Our instructor-led classes focus on Student 'Learning' not just generic training. Your workers will come away with useful information that they can apply at your organization. When employees attend a live SafetyNet ™ instructor-led training session in a classroom, they are better able to focus on what is being taught through instructor interaction, student participations and exercises designed to improve retention . OSHA regulation requires that...

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training

    Virtual Instructor-Led Training

    Enjoy all the benefits of on-site safety training without the cost and hassle of travel. With our Virtual Instructor-Led Training, employees can learn all they need to know about our offered safety topics without having to leave their facility. We can train your employees with them in one meeting place or as individuals that we can group into one virtual class.

  • Lockout Tagout Authorized Employee Training Course

    Lockout Tagout Authorized Employee Training Course

    Our comprehensive Lockout Tagout Authorized Employee Training will focus on the hands-on and technical application for the control of hazardous energy training to meet Cal OSHA's stringent standards for control of hazardous energy. You workers will be able to use the devices properly and verify that all energy sources are ZERO energy.

  • Arc Flash 70E Training

    Arc Flash 70E Training

    Students attending our Arc Flash 70E training will learn safe work practices and procedures to recognize electrical hazards before an incident occurs. They will learn the safe approach distances to exposed electrical conductors be able to determine the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for any situation or working condition encountered.