For more than 90 years, SAGIM is specialized in the manufacturing of hydrogen production units and has become the leadership in the hydrogen production for meteorological uses. SAGIM is actually present in more than 90 countries all over the world and has already supplied more than 500 upper air stations.

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35, Rue Scheurer-Kestner , Saint- Étienne , 42000 France

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Meteorological Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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For more than 90 years SAGIM is specialized in the manufacturing of hydrogen generators for use in meteorology.

For more than 90 years, SAGIM is specialized in the supplying of units for hydrogen production via electrolytic and chemical processes to National and International Meteorological services.

Thanks to its experience, SAGIM has become the world leader in the production of hydrogen via chemical process.

In addition to this manufacturing activity, SAGIM designs technical assemblies meeting the specific needs of its clients in areas such as electricity power generating plants and semiconductors, as well as in the field of the new energies intended for the fuel cell.

SAGIM also provides training services tailored to the needs of its clients and of a high technical level, whether in the fields of quality, safety or international standards.

All our services, beginning with the order and following through to the commissioning of our installations at Customers’ as well as the development stage, production, installation and after-sales service at Customer isISO 9001 Ed: 2008 quality certified.

Taken together, all of these technical and human resources clearly differentiate SAGIM from its competitors.

Today, more than 90 meteorological organizations worldwide trust in us.

Our mission:

To offer high-quality, tailored services at an optimal cost in order to meet the implicit and explicit needs of our clients.

Our commitment:

Our commitment to quality must be accompanied by a systematic wish to move forward. It is innovation which injects added dynamism into our quality system and which will help us succeed in our ambition of constantly being able to offer greater satisfaction for our clients by anticipating their needs. Our quality policy must be understood, shared and accepted by everyone concerned. In this way, we may identify and then permanently solve problems, enabling our clients to benefit from the progress achieved.

The strategic themes enabling us to fullfil this mission are:

  • Our skill
    Our availability, our state of mind, our versatility and the experience acquired by our workforce over a period of 80 years have allowed us to acquire a high level of skill and recognised know-how in our chosen fields.
  • A climate of trust
    Our thorough knowledge of our activities makes it possible for us to evaluate the necessary equipment and to select the suppliers accordingly, in a climate of partnership and trust.
  • Our resources
    Our technical resources allow us to adapt effectively to the wide range of sites encountered, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction. The application and improvement of our system on a day-to-day basis are the best way to earn the satisfaction and trust of our clients, in order to ensure the long term success of our company.