SAK Construction, LLC

SAK Construction is one of the fastest-growing, privately held pipeline rehabilitation and tunneling contractors in the U.S. today. Founded in 2006 by a seasoned team of experts in underground construction and trenchless technology, the company focuses on helping clients nationwide identify the most cost-effective solutions to the many operational, regulatory and environmental problems associated with inadequate or deteriorating water mains, sanitary sewers and storm sewers.

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864 Hoff Road , O`Fallon , Missouri 63366 USA

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Service provider
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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

SAK Construction’s core pipeline rehabilitation focus is CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) lining. With SAK’s unique CIPP system, the company can rehabilitate sewer pipes ranging from 6 inches to 96 inches in diameter. As an exclusive licensed installer of Aqua-Pipe®, SAK renews drinking water mains from 6 inches to 16 inches in diameter. In addition, SAK’s “no-dig” CIPP approach means that most damaged sewer and water pipes can be rehabilitated quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal disruption or inconvenience to the surrounding community and environment.

SAK Construction has the expertise and equipment to tackle tunnel construction in all types of ground conditions and in sizes ranging from 48-inch diameter up to 32-foot arch shape. Our key management staff has more than 160 years experience working on and managing tunneling projects.

Find out how SAK’s experienced team and approach to CIPP and tunneling can provide you with the best solutions for your underground construction and rehabilitation needs.

What sets SAK apart is a philosophy that technical expertise—while vital—should never be viewed as a substitute for excellent client service. From the time SAK was first launched in 2006, the company’s leaders have worked to build an organization focused on providing outstanding client service based on innovative delivery, superior communication and a problem-solving approach individualized to every client’s needs.  

“While many managers of our team have been major contributors to the development and spread of trenchless technology, we’ve learned this along the way: Great client service is something that simply can’t be developed in Research and Development,” explains Tom Kalishman, SAK co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer. “It must be an outgrowth of a company’s mission and fully integrated into day-to-day operations. That attitude resonates with our clients and sets SAK apart from its competitors.”

Innovation in Delivering Latest Technologies

At SAK, the emphasis is on finding new and better ways to deliver the services clients need. 'Just as trenchless technology to rehabilitate sewer pipes was a new concept 25 years, SAK has mainstreamed that application to include potable water today,' says Kalishman.  'We are constantly looking for ways in which new technologies can have a positive impact on our industry's future.'

SAK's swift success and what it has accomplished in only half a decade in business is the result of an extremely efficient and targeted business model, culminating in SAK's ranking as one of the fastest-growing pipeline rehabilitation and tunneling firms in the U.S. today.

Kalishman takes pride in saying that success has not altered SAK's vision. 'From the beginning, we have been determined to attract the best people in the industry and provide product quality, great customer service and project safety.  We have kept
to that core mission, and it continues to serve us
and our clients well.'

Quality in Services as Well as Technology

At SAK, delivering quality means viewing client needs holistically from start to finish. Quality is not only about trenchless technology expertise—providing the best solutions at the best prices—but also about serving clients’ extensive needs for information, education and ongoing communication. In keeping with this perspective, we listen to our clients and respond effectively to their individual needs in meeting challenges at every stage of a project.

People You Know, Experience You Trust

We recognize that providing quality services starts with dedicated leaders and experienced personnel. SAK’s management team includes many of the most well-known names in the industry, and supervisory personnel are highly trained and experienced. We’re committed to building our reputation on the fact that our clients deserve to have the best people working for them on critical projects.

Quality You Can Count On, Across the Board

We provide support at all stages of a project. Whether clients need assistance in educating key decision-makers about needed construction or in carefully planning pipeline rehabilitation or tunnel boring to best minimize disruption to the community, SAK will get the job done. It’s all part of SAK’s promise to provide services you can count on.


Committed to Safety, From Start to Finish

At SAK, safety is our top priority.  From our top management members to our on-site crews, everyone at SAK recognizes that maintaining safety is critical to your pipeline or tunneling project’s overall success--and your satisfaction.   

SAK’s  Strategy Attitude Knowledge Approach

In keeping with SAK’s proactive attitude toward safety, we make it a priority to develop an appropriate and effective strategy for your individual projects and needs. To ensure jobsite safety, we work closely with you to implement a comprehensive, site-specific safety program for your project.

SAK’s safety strategy is, of course, built on knowledge. Although trenchless technology is inherently safer than older methods of pipeline rehabilitation and replacement, learning how to effectively apply up-to-date risk-reduction methods is still critical.

Safety training is emphasized at SAK on an ongoing basis.  Our management members, team of safety experts and crews have logged hundreds of hours in safety and awareness training and programs.  This enables SAK to offer the broad experience and know-how necessary to best address the safety concerns of individual jobsites and on varying types of projects.

Safety:  It’s Our Job

Among the safety programs SAK staff and crews routinely participate in are the following:

  • Confined Space Entry Training
  • Drug and Alcohol Training
  • Environmental Protection
  • Fire Prevention
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standards (HAZWOPER)
  • Jobsite Hazards
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Respirator Fit Tests
  • Safety and Accident Prevention