Santec Corporation

Santec Corporation

Santec Corporation is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains just south of Denver, Colorado. We offer wastewater assistance services for the design, permitting, equipment procurement start-up and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants. Since 1987, Santec Corporation has developed more than 150 wastewater facilities in 22 states and the Caribbean. Our facilities usually serve a single development but can be used or expanded to serve as regional facilities for multiple developments. Our wastewater treatment plants range from 5,000gpd to 1,000,000gpd (1.0MGD) in size. We can add equipment to treat wastewater to tertiary levels meeting some of the tightest standards for effluent quality in the nation. Each of our wastewater treatment plants is custom tailored to the needs of each project or development and the regulatory requirements governing it.

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9316 N Apache Road , Parker , CO 80138 USA
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

This is what we do and this is what we have always done

Over the years we have seen competition come and go. Unlike many companies that have moved into our market, we have been building small to medium size wastewater treatment plants all along. Because of this, we have a proven performance track record of solid operation in this market that much of our competition does not.

Reap the benefits of a wastewater treatment plant

The benefits our services provide are many fold. By utilizing our wastewater treatment plants, our clients are able to develop on smaller lots than septic systems will allow. This provides an opportunity to lower the cost per finished lot and improve the developer's bottom line. Our plants can also be designed using a phased approach so the plant can be expanded in pace with development growth. Utilizing a phased design saves the developer up-front costs of building a larger facility than they immediately need.

Water reclamation and reuse is another benefit. Green belts, golf courses, water features and general irrigation are all possible reuses for wastewater. We can analyze your development and find the best method of reuse from a cost and permitting perspective.

Not your every day package wastewater treatment plant

Unlike traditional package plant suppliers, we provide custom engineered facilities that offer maximum flexibility value and efficiency to our clients. Whatever your need, Santec will work to provide a solution to your specific project and make it a success.