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Sargent & Lundy is the company that specializes in professional services for electric power and energy intensive clients. We have been dedicated exclusively to serving the electric power industry and related businesses for 120 years, and our current work is in the forefront of helping companies with their power business needs for today and tomorrow.

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55 East Monroe Street , Chicago , Illinois 60603 USA
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Thinking Power...Exclusively

Sargent & Lundy is the company that specializes in professional services for electric power and energy intensive clients. We have been dedicated exclusively to serving the electric power industry and related businesses for 124 years, and our current work is in the forefront of helping companies with their power business needs for today and tomorrow.

We provide comprehensive engineering, energy business consulting, and project services for new and operating power plants and power delivery systems. On a continuing basis, we support hundreds of diverse clients, working with many on multiple, concurrent projects. Our comprehensive capabilities provide clients and partners with a thoroughly reliable source of expertise.

Power Industry Ranking

Sargent & Lundy consistently ranks among the leading firms in the annual Engineering News-Record market analysis of the largest U.S.-based engineering companies. In the 2013 Top 500 Design Firms report, Sargent & Lundy was #4 in Power, and we have continuously ranked among the top five firms in Power for decades.

The Global Choice for New Power

Sargent & Lundy provides complete consulting, engineering, and project development services for all types of fossil-fuel, nuclear, and renewable power generation and power delivery projects. Our record of accomplishment includes the design of 927 power plants totaling 135,643 MW for clients in the public and private sectors worldwide. We have also designed more than 6,200 circuit miles of high-voltage and extra-high-voltage transmission line and more than 100 substations.

Our services span the new power generation business... from up-front feasibility advice and strategic project siting, project financial services, and due diligence review to complete project management and engineering, construction management and start-up, and operations & maintenance support. Our dedicated Power Delivery group provides cost-effective solutions and complete project services for all transmission, substation, and distribution projects.

Each client and project partner benefits from our first-hand experience, worldwide resources, and ability to accommodate fast track project needs. The end results are the high-quality, environmentally sound, cost-effective power production and power delivery assets that contribute to our clients' continued success.

Today's Partner-of-Choice for Operating Facilities

Few engineering and engineer-construct companies seem to put much strategic focus and emphasis on in-depth services for operating power facilities. We do. Existing power facilities and infrastructure are what our clients depend on to sustain their business success today, next week, and next year. Our complete engineering and O&M Support Services assist clients in keeping their facilities operating, improving performance, meeting regulatory compliance issues, and improving the bottom line.

Our comprehensive know-how also helps our clients shape their plans for the future of their power business assets. We provide extensive consulting services, due diligence reviews and condition assessments, and many other services that help our clients develop and implement effective system-wide and power business strategies.

Global Presence

Sargent & Lundy is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois USA with project team locations worldwide. Our global resources include joint ventures with other world class organizations to bring clients a full complement of extended services. We also have forged carefully chosen alliances with large, multi-faceted companies and smaller specialized firms that give us additional, proven options for teaming with the right companies when multi-company collaboration is needed.

The Sargent & Lundy People and Resources

In the course of service power clients for more than 100 years, we have developed an unparalleled reservoir of expertise and know-how that benefits each client:

  • Our management is actively engaged in guiding each project and ensuring that every client is satisfied.
  • Our staff is predominately power professionals - highly qualified and experienced - with industry-leading experts in all areas of power facility engineering, operation, and industry strategy.
  • Behind the scenes is a solid support staff whose excellence in their own specialized professions directly reinforces our high quality client service.
  • An extensive network of resources and tools enables our project teams to support clients on the leading edge of efficiency.
  • Worldwide communication links facilitate information exchange with clients and project partners anytime and anywhere.
  • Powerful computer tools, many of which we developed in response to client needs, put enhanced capability at the fingertips of everyone in our organization.
  • Integrated internal systems effectively distribute throughout our organization the knowledge gained on each project so that every client benefits from Sargent & Lundy's total expertise.

With a large, highly experienced staff dedicated solely to the energy business, we have the ability and know-how to staff the smallest task alongside the largest projects. And, for each assignment, we select a team with the right mix of experience, knowledge, and creativity to assess the options and deliver cost-effective results.

These resources - and many more - give our clients a powerful advantage that is globally available and locally accessible.

Sargent & Lundy shares its history with the history of the electric power industry. The industry was just emerging when engineers Frederick Sargent and Ayres Lundy formed an independent engineering and consulting company in 1891, dedicated to working with clients in the electric power business.

Individually, they had earned recognition for their technical talent and foresight. Sargent was one of Thomas Edison's most capable early associates while Lundy was a highly regarded colleague of electric railway innovator Frank Sprague. Together, they collaborated on power generation and transmission projects that advanced the industry and set the company's course.

The firm’s first project was the Harrison Street Station, which received worldwide attention for its power generation and transmission innovations. It was the largest plant in the U.S. and its first-ever design using condensing engines slashed in half the coal needed to produce a kWh. Output was carried over transmission lines for a revolutionary length of 3,340 feet.

This project was the first of many bold explorations of diverse technologies that have helped Sargent & Lundy clients succeed through each era of power industry change.

Sargent & Lundy's nuclear power leadership began in the mid-1950s, when we designed the world's first boiling water reactor installation at Argonne National Laboratory and converted the Arco Borax III research reactor to an electricity producer.

Today, Sargent & Lundy has designed more than 30 increasingly advanced units and has been continuously engaged in nuclear power work since the beginning.

Pioneering work in renewable energy began with SEGS VIII and SEGS IX. At 80 MW each these Solar Energy Generating Systems in the Mojave Desert were the largest solar thermal power plants in the world when they went on-line in 1989 and 1990. They continue to be the world's largest trough solar power plants.

Overall, we have engineered 931 power plant units and more than 6,200 circuit miles of power delivery systems. Many authorizations have been innovative power generation & transmission 'firsts.” Many more weren't milestone undertakings, but instead were simply good, solid projects expertly engineered to meet the needs of their owners. We also have worked extensively to help our clients improve their existing assets, providing engineering as well as professional consulting services for several thousand installations.

With our comprehensive services, we have worked with more than 1500 clients in 82 countries... and still counting.

Our focus on the power business remains unchanged. We're still working with our first client as well as many other long-time clients. We have earned this extensive repeat business through our technical and project management know-how, our agility in meeting clients' evolving needs, and our integrity for acting in the best interests of each client.

Quality is the centerpiece of the value and service we provide to our clients. It is infused throughout our people, our programs, and our processes. We believe that it is the quality of our deliverables and our service that ultimately delivers our client projects on schedule and in budget.

As part of our quality focus, Sargent & Lundy has a company-wide Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. This assures that our approach toward quality is comprehensive and systematic. The foundation of our system, SL-QAP Quality Policy and Program Plan, establishes our Quality Management System and includes a set of implementing Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs. Compliance with SL-QAP and SOPs is mandatory for all work across our company.

For nuclear safety-related work, compliance with our nuclear quality assurance program, SL-TR-1A, is also required. This Sargent & Lundy Nuclear Quality Assurance Program is maintained as a Topical Report that is approved by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.