SAWACO Water Desalination

SAWACO Water Desalination

SAWACO Water Desalination

SAWACO water desalination is the leading supplier of un-bottled potable water for people and businesses in Saudi Arabia. SAWACO operates and maintains its own and third party desalination plants and trucks & trailers fleet. It currently owns and operates more than 30,000 m3 of desalination capacity in addition to a 100 truck-strong fleet carrying water to customers spread over a 10,000 km2 area in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia.

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Al Khayal Street, P.O. Box 5604 , Jeddah , 21432 Saudi Arabia
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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SAWACO North Abhur Plant is the first private commercial  desalination  plant to have  received a certificate from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)-Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia  for being  environmentally-friendly.

SAWACO worked with international consultant Dames & Moore to provide EPA with a complete model about the effect of dumping brine back into the sea.

SAWACO North Abhur Plant is located on the Red Sea. This sea is renowned for its beautiful but fragile coral formations. The coral constitute the natural habitat and feeding medium for thousands of marine species in the Red Sea.

We are proud at SAWACO to have protected the marine habitat even in the heart of the brine dumping zone (better known scientifically as the Mixing Zone).

SAWACO sends periodically divers to inspect Marine life in and around the Mixing Zone. 

SAWACO is documenting photographic evidence of marine habitat in and around its Mixing Zone year after year.

We are proud to state that there are certain coral species -soft coral- that are almost extinct along Jeddah shore and can be found in and around our Mixing Zone.

June 2011- SAWACO Confirmed again its Environmental Commitment by sending divers to inspect the marine life in and around the mixing zone in red sea at North obhur .

Recent diving made on October 2011-

Part of SAWACO commitments to the communities in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East, is to raise awareness among different layers of the society about water and its uses.

SAWACO operates and produces water in one of the driest and most arid regions of the world. Therefore, water as a resource is very valuable and the future of the Middle Eastern region, to a large extent, depends on it.

SAWACO welcomes visits by schools, universities, social clubs, other companies and groups of individuals wishing to know more about water desalination and how to transform seawater into potable water.

Water is very scarce commodity in the Middleast

SAWACO is Committed to spread awareness about water and water usage in the arid region of the world.

SAWACO invites schools , Universities and group of people from different walk of the life  to pay a visit to  SAWACO Desalination Plant to understand the difficulty and cost associated with production of sweet water from sea water We are proud at SAWACO to have protected the marine habitat even in the heart of the brine dumping zone (better known scientifically as the Mixing Zone).

Social Responsibility of SAWACO in Times of DisasterAs Part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Commitment, SAWACO once again extended its arm to assist one of the biggest Can manufacturing firm in industrial city of Jeddah Western Region of Saudi Arabia ,when it was devastatingly engulfed by fire last week of August 2011.SAWACO Water Reinforcement Team (SWRT) responded immediately to assist the government's fire department team in extinguishing the fire without any delay.