SAXON Pruftechnik GmbH

SAXON Pruftechnik GmbH

The family enterprise Maul continues a tradition in the seventh generation about eventful decades of the history. On a 12000 square meters company-own working area are the building complexes of the development, the sale with own Training Centre and the manufacturing. Development and extension of own production program to the full-Liner for vehicle-workshops and service-stations all over the world under this Trademark. A promising decision, even also under state-owned conditions, is the beginning for the development and production of workshop equipments for trucks and agricultural machinery technology as a series production. More than 900 service-stations for commercial motor vehicles at home and abroad carry out the hand script of the family.

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Am Stadtwald 19/23 , Plauen , 08525 Germany
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Automobile & Ground Transport
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Globally (various continents)

Therefore, with the reunification of Germany it lay in the cradle also to use the specialized competence from the past. Therefore on 05/04/1990 the families-enterprise was created successfully again.
Till 1991  four highly competitive single firms on the workshop equipment sector are appeared.

The family enterprise gets  the admittance in Germany as a specialized company after WHG, VbF, TRbF, TRD, TRR, BSU, AU, STVZO §57b and §57d as well as other certifications than thing sensible and adept.

Union of the companies to a group under MAUL & Co. Prüftechnik GmbH and purchase of the Seppeler test bench program, extension of the manufacturing capacities and the assortment, particularly in the vehicle test equipment field, extension of own development capacity as well as development of own devices and software under the influence from collected experiences.

Preparations and execution of the certification of the whole enterprise after German Institute for Standardization of 
DIN EN ISO 9001.

Supplement of the production program with tyre service equipment and exhaust gas measuring technologies, as well as construction of a new manufacturing place in Dessau.

The name 'SAXON' was introduced officially as an international brand and stands for quality which comes from Saxony.

Development of the sale organization for Germany and Europe, development of the first function test bench with it's own intelligent, 
the exhaust gas measurement for motor cycles with up to 6 cylinders becomes possible at the same moment, building and move in the new working area closed to the airport in Dessau.

SAXON becomes throughout further extensions of it's own development capacities one of the leading enterprises in the fields of vehicle test equipment. New generations of equipment for safety checks, an own OBD - scan tool and new tyre service equipment prove the innovation force.

The Future
'It applies to exceed itself each day, not different !'