SC Eco-Rom Ambalaje SA

SC Eco-Rom Ambalaje SA

SC Eco-Rom Ambalaje SA

SC Eco-Rom Ambalaje SA is an organization, by a group of companies activating in Romania, which have taken the initiative of implementing ”Der Grüne Punkt” system in our country, as an efficient solution for packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling obligations. SC Eco-Rom Ambalaje SA offers all economic operators, with responsibilities regarding packaging and packaging waste, the ”Der Grüne Punkt” system, an organized and efficient management system of packaging waste recovery and recycling activities.

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1Mai No. 51-55, Administrative Building, 7 Floor(Munplast Building), District 6 , Bucharest , 061629 Romania
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Waste Management
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Nationally (across the country)

ECO – ROM AMBALAJE is an organization established by the industry in 2003 operating as an interface in fulfilling a public interest mission: protecting the environment while meeting all packaging recovery and recycling targets.

According to a responsibility takeover contract, Eco-Rom Ambalaje, on behalf of producers and importers of packaged products, commits to achieve all recovery and recycling targets for the packaging introduced on the market.

In 2004, the organization becomes operational.
The same year Eco-Rom Ambalaje emerged actively on the European market as the representative of  Romanian industry within PRO Europe, the umbrella organization gathering the expertise of 31 national organizations engaged in the selective collection and recycling of packaging waste, as well as the technical competences of more 130,000 waste management companies.

Between 2005-2013, following investments in the separate collection infrastructure and based on partnerships with local authorities and sanitation operators, Eco-Rom Ambalaje has developed a unitary collection system servicing 400 de localities in Romania.

Presently, more than 2,680 companies in Romania (producers and importers of packaged goods, producers and importers of sales packaging, retailers) have transferred their packaging recycling responsibilities to Eco-Rom Ambalaje, and over 200 waste management companies have signed collaboration partnerships with the organization.

  • 75% of Romania’s obligations to the European Union are carried out by Eco-Rom Ambalaje.
  • All legally established objectives for 2004 – 2013 have been successfully reached.
  • 9 million Romanians have access to the separate collection system provided by Eco-Rom Ambalaje.

The acquired national experience and international expertise, as member of EXPRA (Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance), ISWA (International Solid Waste Association), and Pro Europe (Packaging Recovery Organization Europe) have defined Eco-Rom Ambalaje as an indisputable expert in the packaging and packaging waste management field.

“Our mission is to recycle waste packaging so that you can fully enjoy the liberty of choosing your desired packaging solution for the products you produce or sell.

We find solutions to overcome all barriers and obstacles along the packaging cycle, thus bringing our contribution to the development of your company.”

The organization focuses on the ecological, economic, and social performances, while following the sustainable development principles at the same time.

Economic performance. The growth of Eco-Rom Ambalaje had an important impact on the recycling activity development by generating increased quantities of collected packaging waste and providing secondary raw materials for the recycling capacities in Romania.

Social impact. Eco-Rom Ambalaje activity created new jobs in the waste collecting sector and related fields. Together with non-governmental organizations and state institutions,  Eco-Rom Ambalaje has initiated educational programs and campaigns dedicated to general public information that have contributed significantly to raising population awareness on the importance of recycling and environment protection.

Environmental contribution. Focusing on its strategic goals of packaging recycling and development of a separate collection system, and, thus reintroducing important packaging waste quantities into the economic circuit as secondary raw material, Eco-Rom Ambalaje has significantly contributed to the protection of Romania’s natural resources.

Organization Statute:

  • Organization is open and welcomes new members from companies with legally established recycling and recovery obligations;
  • Provides equal treatment for all companies integrated in the system by offering the same type and standard of services at the same tariffs per ton of material introduced on the market;
  • Tariffs reflect system operational costs in the industrial and commercial flows;
  • Organization is not focused on profit, nor on offering dividends. Operational profit is invested in the collection infrastructure of packaging waste and consumer dedicated educational and information programs.