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Scale-Tron Inc.

Scale-Tron Inc.

Scale-Tron Inc. was formed in 1971 as a private corporation, specializing in automatic weighing systems and quickly entered the concrete industry. The company has developed five generations of batch controllers as well as numerous custom weighing systems covering almost every industry. A good weighing or automation system must operate at high speed, allow for all the variations of usage in the industry and be simple to operate. Above all, it must be able to handle minor breakdowns without having to revert to manual operation. Our controls and software, being fully integrated, go further than any other that we know of in this regard. Scale-Tron equipment is in use across North America, from Alaska`s North Slope oilfield to Florida`s beach resorts and Mexico. Our overseas market includes South America, China, Hong Kong, Singapore/Malaysia, Australia, United Arab Emirates and vicinity, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and several European countries.

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2113C St. Regis, Dollard Des , Ormeaux (Montreal) , Quebec H9B 2M9 Canada
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

Our mission statement below reflects our dedication to our customers and the industry as a whole. Our objective is “PQRS – Performance, Quality, Reliability and Service”.  Our engineers pay attention to the smallest details at every stage of your production process, whether it is in the way a plant would like to order concrete, electrical safety interlocks, special software variations or the way that wires are run in the control cabinet and plant. We discuss the whole picture with the customer and advise on the best way to combine equipment, sequence it and optimize it to obtain the highest possible performance, bar none.


To advance the science of weighing and automation through innovative products and excellence in service.
We believe in honesty, integrity and in solving technical problems with enthusiasm.


Scale-Tron is the only manufacturer to produce all the major components of an automatic concrete production control system: batching controls, aggregate moisture measurement, mixer water dosing and Ready-Mix Management software.

BatchTron-III controller at Con Cast Pipe, Guelph, Ontario has operated continuously
from 2000 to 2015 with no breakdowns at all, no failures at all and minimal maintenance.

Concrete Industry

Batching, mixing and delivery of all types of concrete is handled by a range of control systems, from low-cost basic automation up to high-speed fully automatic production for the most complex plants.  Industry experience includes precast, block, brick, pavers, dry products and ready mix.  Through extensive R&D in computer, PLC and touch screen techniques, these products are world leaders as well as being aggressively priced.  A major advantage of Scale-Tron batching equipment is its ease of use and elimination of the need for skilled personnel, making it ideal for use in underdeveloped areas.  As well as batching systems, the company manufactures microwave-based moisture sensors for aggregates and for the concrete mixer.  Silo weighing systems, recently developed, allow cement and grain silos to be quickly fitted with an accurate and low cost method of weighing the contents.

Special features such as demand stations, radio call and remote material delivery stations were first introduced to the industry by Scale-Tron.  Many of these features are not available from other suppliers.  Our association with Ocmer concrete mixing and batching equipment allows us to integrate our skills more completely by matching plant equipment and controls more closely, further perfecting the production of concrete.

Food, Chemical and other industries

The company's batching systems and engineering ability are applicable to all industries.  Past achievements include a 14 station explosionproof traveling weigh lorry supplied to Bayer Premier Co. in Thailand, a statistical weight control system which analyses data from many scales in a fish processing plant near Montreal and several custom built load sensors for special applications.  A mix of interwoven mechanical, electrical and software engineering skills allows flawless integration of complete systems with a minimum of startup problems and superior after-sales service.  Knowledge of the requirements of  consulting engineering companies, acquired from many years of close collaboration with them, allow painless transition from design through documentation approval to manufacturing and startup.

Weighing industry

A wide range of weighing platforms, load cell transmitters, load cells and other modules meeting international standards are manufactured for use in weighing systems.  Designed for use in our own systems, they allow high accuracy systems, superior in performance, to be built at low cost using PLCs and computers.  Application assistance is always available. We also supply custom sensors and weighing systems for O.E.M. applications.

Market area

Expansion plans in North America and other areas:  Scale-Tron is recruiting dealers.  If you are involved in concrete equipment or scale and weighing equipment and are interested in handling our products, please contact us through Dealers on main menu.