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  • Marine Systems

  • Scanship - Model AWP - Advanced Wastewater Purification System

    Scanship - Model AWP - Advanced Wastewater Purification System

    The international focus on discharging wastewater in coastal waters is increasing. New standards for discharge and various regulations are driving the maritime industries to process all wastewater onboard. To meet new demands and future requirements, Scanship offers a complete system for wastewater treatment, the Scanship AWP (advanced wastewater purification).

  • Scanship - Garbage Handling System

    Scanship - Garbage Handling System

    Scanship incinerators are designed in a multi-chamber configuration, semi-pyrolytic, having low flue gas emissions within IMO MARPOL regulations. The incinerators are also capable of meeting EU regulations, which is in accordance with the future general demands for air emissions. The automatic feeding technology is developed to secure a homogenous combustion and low dust emission. The solution is also optimal for burning sludge from foodwaste...

  • Scanship - Foodwaste Vacuum System

    Scanship - Foodwaste Vacuum System

    Onboard a modern cruise ship a substantial amount of foodwaste is collected from galleys, pantries and preparation. To align with future requirements, the cruise industry chooses to process foodwaste onboard. Scanship has developed an efficient vacuum system for collecting, transporting and further processing of foodwaste. Transportation by vacuum reduces the need for complicated pipelines and pumps. It is hygienic with minimal odour and does not have...

  • Scanship - Custom Water Treatment Systems

    Scanship - Custom Water Treatment Systems

    Clean water is a precious and valuable resource, and turning yesterday’s waste water into tomorrow’s asset is Scanship’s forte. Scanship’s success in providing and servicing water treatment systems that meet or exceed the most rigid standards and regulations for the cruise line industry, in the most sensitive environments, are deeply rooted in broad expertise and experience treating wastewater.

  • Scanship - Scrubber Wash Water System

    Scanship - Scrubber Wash Water System

    The Scanship scrubber water treatment system is designed to purify wash water from marine scrubbers in hybrid and closed loop operating modes. The system will operate in accordance with MEPC.258(68) (2015) and US EPA VGP sec 2.2.26 (2013). The wash water treatment system collects inlet water from the scrubber wash water collection tank. The purification process is based on chemical precipitation where dissolved solids and suspended particulates are...

  • Scanship - Water Reuse Unit

    Scanship - Water Reuse Unit

    The availability of a plentiful, safe, clean water supply for use aboard ships has long been taken for granted. It could be bunkered in port or produced with waste heat, cheap fuel, and air conditioning condensation aboard the ship. That situation is rapidly changing. Growing populations, more and bigger ships, changing environmental and natural resource conditions, rising fuel prices, environmental footprint concerns, and greater awareness of water...

  • Aquaculture

  • Scanship - Bio-Sludge Handling System

    Scanship - Bio-Sludge Handling System

    The intensive production of Nordic Salmon and other sea food has increased the need for water purification and residue treatment. It has become an industry to treat the water in the fish tanks to minimize water consumption and to reduce the environmental impact. This again has created a demand for aquaculture sludge handling, becoming the next important step for sustainable fish production.

  • Landbased Systems

  • Scanship - Landbased Systems

    Scanship - Landbased Systems

    Scanship systems can be used in a variety of industrial applications for waste processing and water purification. These industries have either a requirement for discharge from productions, or simply would need to refine products through Scanship processes with separation, dewatering or drying. The Scanship systems can also be used on several municipality applications such as wastewater treatment plants and on garbage handling facilities. The Scanship...