Scanship AS

Scanship AS

- Model AWP - Advanced Wastewater Purification System


The international focus on discharging wastewater in coastal waters is increasing. New standards for discharge and various regulations are driving the maritime industries to process all wastewater onboard. To meet new demands and future requirements, Scanship offers a complete system for wastewater treatment, the Scanship AWP (advanced wastewater purification).

The Scanship AWP can be designed for IMO Marpol MEPC 159(55), Alaska ADEC standard, IMO Marpol MEPC 227(64) with special area Baltic Sea (Helcom) or any other special requirements that may be enforced.

Scanship AWP is designed to treat all types of maritime wastewater, thus managing the rapid and significant load variations. The system reduces the need of large holding capacity onboard and increases the operational flexibility. The system has been developed from proven land based technology, cleverly re-designed for maritime industry.

Conventional wastewater plants onboard only treat black water. This represents less than 10% of the total hydraulic load and less than 15% of the actual pollution. Today Scanship AWP treats 100% of the wastewater in nearly the same space as the traditional black water treatment plants, making this the most compact solution available. In many cases our systems eliminates in-port discharge fees.

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