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  • Scanship - Bio-sludge Treatment

    Scanship - Bio-sludge Treatment

    In the Bio-sludge Treatment System all sludge from wastewater and foodwaste is processed. The system is tailor made to secure the interface between liquid and solid sludge before final incineration. The main target for the bio-sludge treatment system is to reduce volume by dewatering, drying and to disinfect. Sludge from wastewater and foodwaste represents a large volume that needs further treatment to align with the environmental requirements for no...

  • Service & Operational Assistance

    Service & Operational Assistance

    Scanship offers service and operational assistance onboard through our service department with experienced engineers and senior personnel. We are following up over 100 ships operating with Scanship systems onboard. Our services cover the complete life-cycle of the system. The Aftersales and Service department is handled through Scanship Americas Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, US.

  • Documentation Services

    Documentation Services

    Each delivery comes with comprehensive documentation which typically includes safety procedures, installation, system descriptions, alarm lists, operation, screen descriptions, maintenance, lubrication, trouble shooting, parts and recommended parts, system drawings, electrical diagrams and unit instructions.

  • Spare Parts Services

    Spare Parts Services

    All new Scanship installations come with an extensive list of recommended spare parts and critical spares. We aim at being an efficient supplier of spares and consumables both to new and old installations. Spares are being offered through both our European and American offices providing competitive prices and delivery options.

  • Chemicals Services

    Chemicals Services

    We offer chemicals to ensure optimal process performance and cost efficient operations of advanced wastewater purification systems and systems for bio-residue treatment. For years, we have been developing the product lines and our logistical services, offering direct delivery to vessels sailing world-wide. Our team continues to support our clients with courtesy visits for optimization and evaluation of current consumptions, a service well...