Scanship AS

Scanship AS

Service & Operational Assistance


Scanship offers service and operational assistance onboard through our service department with experienced engineers and senior personnel. We are following up over 100 ships operating with Scanship systems onboard. Our services cover the complete life-cycle of the system. The Aftersales and Service department is handled through Scanship Americas Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, US.

Benefits and long term support

By keeping close relations with Scanship support the ships will be ensured increased reliability and efficiency of the Scanship systems, ensured measures to meet today’s stringent performance standards, and reduced total operating costs. We offer tailor-made Service and Maintenance programs where we frequently combine onboard services with certified operator training and spare part policies. To enable operators to concentrate on their core activities, and have the assurance their complex vessels continue to be maintained as designed, but with predictable costs.

Online process control and logging

Scanship offers an online logging and process analyzing system to be uploaded via an Ethernet connection. When the ship network supports broadband internet, logging data, real-time parameters and real-time screen pictures can be accessed and monitored from all over the world via the internet.

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