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  • GeoDesign - Geotechnical Engineering

  • Laboratory Testing Services

    Laboratory Testing Services

    Our in-house laboratories measure the physical properties and engineering behavior of soil, rock, and building construction materials. This capability allows our professional staff to develop timely and reliable information supporting project design and construction.

  • Foundation Design Services

    Foundation Design Services

    Whether shallow elements such as spread footings or mats will meet a project’s needs or there is a demand for deep foundation elements such as driven and drilled piles and micropiles, large diameter shafts, or ground improvement, our engineers have the resources and local experience to develop an efficient design. Our services range from conceptual and cost comparison for preliminary planning, through selection of the system and development of...

  • GeoDesign - Geostructural Engineering

  • MSE Wall and Anchored Wall Design

    MSE Wall and Anchored Wall Design

    We analyze global stability and internal stability for all types of retaining walls and systems. For retaining wall designs, Schnabel typically provides an analysis of alternative wall types including cast-in-place concrete walls, sheet pile walls, and alternative walls types such as MSE (geogrid) walls, slurry walls, and geogrid reinforced slopes. Global stability and internal stability are analyzed. We provide design recommendations and parameters...

  • Dam Engineering

  • Existing Dams Engineering Services

    Existing Dams Engineering Services

    Schnabel has extensive experience in providing engineering services for existing dams. These services range from periodic visual inspections of dams and appurtenant facilities, to design and construction services for upgrading, expansion, or removal. Each dam is uniquely characterized by its site setting, age, construction materials, and project facilities arrangement. We understand that a dam's long-term performance depends as much on the appropriate...

  • Tunnel Engineering

  • Feasibility Studies

    Feasibility Studies

    Our tunnel engineers have earned their expertise on hundreds of projects. Our tunnel and underground engineering experience is among the strongest in the industry and we are prepared to conduct a full range of constructability assessments and alignment studies to support your efforts. For feasibility studies, we can conduct preliminary design activities and provide cost estimates and schedules for project development and construction.