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Foundation Design Services



Whether shallow elements such as spread footings or mats will meet a project’s needs or there is a demand for deep foundation elements such as driven and drilled piles and micropiles, large diameter shafts, or ground improvement, our engineers have the resources and local experience to develop an efficient design. Our services range from conceptual and cost comparison for preliminary planning, through selection of the system and development of design plans, specifications, and engineer’s cost estimates. Once construction begins, our experienced staff provides full construction observation and testing services including instrumented static load tests, wave equation analyses, dynamic load testing, and dynamic integrity testing (low-strain testing).

Alternative site improvement measures often are employed on sites with complex geology or industrial sites where common excavation is undesirable due to space limitations or existing subsurface contamination. Numerous alternatives are available to our engineers to improve existing subsurface conditions to make a site suitable for new construction. Some of these involve grouting techniques, soil mixing, vibratory densification or replacement, and deep dynamic compaction. Schnabel’s services also include design of temporary and permanent subdrainage or dewatering systems

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