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Schroeder Valves GmbH & Co. KG

Schroeder Valves is a global specialist in designing and manufacturing protective pump fittings based in Gummersbach, Germany. For more than 60 years we have been producing superior quality valves for refineries and power plants, the chemical industry, the offshore sector and, more recently, for the production of renewable energies. Our portfolio ranges from throttles and automatic recirculation valves to high-pressure control valves. Each product is custom designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of our clients’ pumps and system data. Our products` superior protective qualities and proven longevity effectively contribute to lower system and operating costs for our customers. Schroeder Valves is based in Germany with an established network of international sales and service offices around the globe.

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Archimedesstraße 3 , Gummersbach , 51647 Germany
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)

Nothing is greener than blue...

Unlike other energy portfolios, we focus only on small Hydro Energy. Renewable energy investors – and real estate developers – looking to augment their solar, wind and biomass energy portfolios can appreciate our expertise in water resource management and our entrepreneurial track record working with varied audiences and stakeholders to successfully build European energy portfolios and organizations.

Hydro energy is well-recognized as the cleanest, least intrusive and largest renewable energy source in Europe. We follow the International Hydro Association (IHA) standards and only develop small, environmentally sustainable projects of up to 20Mw per project – generating enough energy to power most mid-sized European communities. Small hydro stations are traditionally built on running rivers and streams. Using one of the world’s most pure and natural resources, International Hydro delivers sustainable hydro projects that leave water as clean and pure coming out as it went in.

Small hydro power plant Remse

Headquartered in Amsterdam, International Hydro is the only European energy company focused exclusively on hydro power. Small hydro run-of-river schemes such as our flagship facility in Remse, Germany have proven to have a minimum visual impact on their surrounding environment and have become our pilot business model for rapid expansion throughout Europe.

Leading the company is a team of managing partners with a combined expertise in sustainable energy and transcontinental operations as well as a proven track record for partnering with government bodies and building successful European companies.

Small hydro power plant Remse

International Hydro is focused on small hydro schemes up to 20Mw which have a minimal impact on their surrounding environment. Our small, run-of-river hydro plants use modern hydro turbine generators which can convert up to 90 percent of the energy available in a water source into electricity, making it more efficient than any other form of electricity generation. Our plants in Germany and France generate large quantities of energy in a clean, environmentally-friendly way.

Investing in International Hydro energy facilities is a strategic, long-term solution for investors and communities looking to augment a mixed renewable energy solution. Our hydro stations have an estimated useful life of over 40-50 years – by comparison, the average installation life of a wind turbine is approximately 15 years.

Europe is on the verge of a renaissance in small hydro power production. The current energy climate serves as a catalyst for communities to invest in sustainable and low-impact, renewable energy sources. International Hydro is leveraging its expertise in renewable energy to provide a unique portfolio of small hydro facilities. There has never been a better time to invest in hydro energy solutions.