SCR Engineering & Projejt Sh.P.K

SCR Engineering & Projejt Sh.P.K

SCR SCRUBBERFILTER industrial kitchen exhaust extraction systems prevent various complaints by imprisoning in itself the dirty,bad smell and unhealthy air which arise from the grill and kitchen hood.The system works by capturing the grease and filtering bad smell with up to 99% success.Our solution partnership collaboration with innovative brand name SCR SCRUBBERFILTER has entered to its 5th year.The success rate of the solution is 99%if the project is well calculated and applied accordingly. And also soot , oil, smoke and smell is kept to a minimum under control fire risk. And we say that ` No smoke smell in the place where we are` SCR SCRUBBERFILTER is a innovator brand and there are more developed models are coming for near future for commercial kitchens exhaust filtering.

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Zerdalilik Mahallesi, Cebesoy Caddesi No:45/B , Antalya , 07100 Kosovo

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Air Filtration
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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Today the hotel offers a variety of the cuisine to the customers. These are Turkish restaurant , Far Easterns, kebabs ( grill), fish restaurants and  indoor and outdoor barbecues creates a heavy odor and smoke. A variety of restaurants at the hotel so can not get enough of the smell and smoke filtering measures By the application of the case made for the hotels has led to customer losses and falling prices due to customer complaints bed.         

The needs of our customers with a sense of partnership project to produce suitable solutions for the highest  efficient standart.

SCR provides the air filter equipment with highly cost-effective ,high efficient and high quality for commercial kitchen. SCR willing to provide fresh and clean air for restaurant business operators,chefs and staff  and neigbourhood enviroment.

Every company and system that applies electrostatic filters does not filter smoke and fumes,

Electrostatic filter,Electrostatic filter we think that every electrostatic filter solves a chimney smell problems, there is no such thing. Apart from the quality of the electrostatic filters, there are many such as differences in collector surface areas if the capacities are the same as differences in working capacities, and most importantly, after-sales training and spare parts services. SCR SCRUBBERFILTER's SCR range devices are designed according to European standards and are equivalent to the largest square meters (m2) of collector surface area according to competitors in the same capacity. The number of companies that project and implement ventilation and filtration systems correctly in industrial kitchens is very low. These systems must be done with the project phase in order to calculate many factors such as the shape, position, etc. of cooker hoods. Without considering all these factors, there is a case where the smell is not cut off for the expenses made to the kitchen filtration system. You used an electrostatic filter but nothing solves so why I spent a lot of money thinking about where I made a mistake? Businesses are being victimized by companies that are increasing in number and promoting themselves as experts. In the meantime, the municipal police will deal with environmental health, continue to disturb your neighbors, and you will have to struggle with complaints. Later you will be looking for a few companies that have experienced and serious (positive) references for a solution. Our company, which has been among the first in the industry since seven years, is the solution partner of happy and peaceful enterprises with sufficient experience and references. Our aim is to be the best of these companies and to provide you with electrostatic filter systems in projects for commecial kitchen exhaust (ecology systems), applications, spare parts, technical service and consultancy fields.

Domestically and abroad it is to become the preferred company.

SCR provides the perfect solutions ,high quality products and the most satisfying services for users by the advanced innovative and enviromentalist technologies. In additon to creating new values for the customers and more comfortable kitchen enviroment , SCR also helps the customers promote their enterprise image and social responsibility.