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SDS Limited

SDS identifies and delivers engineering solutions that enable global water infrastructure to operate sustainably and to its maximum efficiency potential. Water impacts directly on us as people and on our planet’s ecosystem; whether we have too much or not enough, it is as vitally important to us as a life giving resource as it can be life threatening. As the world’s growing population continues to accelerate the pace of urbanisation, and a warming climate impacts ever more severely on our natural environment, water is instrumental in shaping our future world.

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Clearwater House, Castlemills , Biddisham , Somerset BS26 2RE United Kingdom

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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

Starting with a great idea, our GEOlight geo-cellular stormwater attenuation and infiltration system, SDS has grown in size over its 20 year history to become the UK’s leader in sustainable drainage systems. More recently, to meet the increasing importance of water quality, we have extended our portfolio to include new water treatment systems. We are committed to the continuing development of innovative new engineering solutions to meet forthcoming market requirements and to meet the demands of our growing base of customers.

In every project we handle we are fully aware of the commercial constraints of our clients and strive to deliver best value. Often we may advise prospective customers on ways in which they can reduce cost or add value without impinging on the performance and reliability of the desired solution; indeed this principle has both attracted new customers to us and contributed to the extremely high level of customer loyalty we enjoy.

By taking responsibility for each element of the project, from specification, design and manufacture to delivery, installation and maintenance, we can ensure that our systems will always operate to their maximum efficiency potential.

Water infrastructure is essential to the storage and delivery of water to domestic, industrial, agricultural and other commercial users and to its efficient removal, treatment and recycling as waste water. SDS plays an important role in helping to maintain and further improve this infrastructure to meet the demands of both today and the future.

In a unique full service solution, SDS designs, manufactures, installs and maintains water management systems which capture and treat the water before controlling its return to the natural water cycle or retaining it for reuse or recycling. This comprehensive range of services enables us to support our customers with a complete, and ongoing, solution that has been designed to meet the bespoke requirements of each individual project.