See Water, Inc.

See Water, Inc.

See Water, Inc. was founded in July, 1995 by Ron MacDonald. He realized there was a need for an Oil Smart pump control that was capable of pumping water from oil containment areas, elevator sumps and underground utility vaults while containing the oil. Today, over 22 years later, the Oil Smart pump control is still the reliable solution for pumping water, not oil. In addition to the Oil Smart product line, See Water designs and manufactures innovative electronic controls, high liquid alarms, pump control panels, and treatment products. As a UL 508A and UL 698A control panel manufacturer, all products are assembled by professionals in the United States. See Water, Inc. provides worldwide solutions for the HVAC, Commercial, Residential, Utility and Wastewater industries. Offering the best pre-engineered control solutions and excellent customer service, See Water is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to Water and Wastewater professionals.

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121 N. Dillon Avenue , San Jacinto , CA 92583 USA
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See Water, Inc. is a manufacturing firm that is located in San Jacinto, CA, one hour southeast of Los Angeles. Since 1995, See Water’s primary business has focused on the innovative design and development of proprietary, patented controls that have the unique ability to differentiate between oil and water.

In 1995, the Oil Smart Pump Controller was developed to pump water without the risk of pumping oil into the environment. The pump control is used in a variety of applications including elevators, transformer containment barriers, and underground vaults while reducing the risk of fines, bad publicity, or contaminating the environment from an oil spill. Since the development of the Oil Smart Pump Control, different products have been developed, fine-tuned and patented to compliment See Water’s existing lines of products: Oil Smart Alarms, Oil Smart Pump Control Panels, Intrinsically Safe Controls, and SCS Water Smart Products. Currently, the company holds five patents (5,287,086 – 5,463,378 – 5,563,585 – 5,856,783 and 7,492,272) with additional patents pending.

See Water has a worldwide network of manufacturing reps/distributors in the plumbing, utility, marine, and petroleum industry capable of supplying and providing solutions to companies and engineers around the world. In addition, See Water will continue to focus on the development of new innovative technology and continue to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers.


The potential risk of a hydraulic fluid spill from vertical elevators poses a risk to the environment and waterways. Water needs to be discharged from a sump/drain of a building as per Elevator Code ASME A17.1 while containing the hydraulic fluid that is present.

For over 15 years, SeeWater has provided solutions in elevator pumping applications. The Oil Smart system continues to be the recognized choice for pumping water from elevator sumps without the risk of pumping oil into the environment. SeeWater specializes in the design and manufacture of top-of- the-line, high-quality elevator sump pump systems. All panels are NEMA 4X rated, approved for outdoor use or indoor use where fire sprinklers are present.

Electric Utilities

An oil spill can be costly. The Environmental Protection Agency implemented the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan “to help prevent any discharge of oil into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines.” Electric utilities are required to comply with the SPCC plan and build a containment solution for electrical transformers and other above- or below-ground oil-filled equipment.

Specifically designed for the utility industry by a retired 36-year electric utility professional, the Oil Smart system allows water to be pumped from transformer oil containment areas and underground vaults into the environment without the risk of pumping oil. With over 30,000 installations worldwide, the versatile Oil Smart line of products includes a stand-alone pump control to retrofit an existing pump or complete monitoring system. Click here for more information on all utility Oil Smart Systems.


The railroad industry is required by the Environmental Protection Agency to have a plan in place to prevent the discharge of oil into or upon navigable waters. Railroad transloading racks that handle petroleum and/or nonpetroleum oils with a capacity greater than 1,320 gallons are required to comply with the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan regulations. The regulation specifically requires rail yards to “design a containment system to hold at least the maximum capacity of any single compartment of a tank car or tank truck loaded/unloaded at the facility.”

SeeWater offers complete systems that will automatically discharge stormwater from rail yard containment areas without the risk of discharging oil. The system helps rail yards comply with EPA regulations, which states that the entire containment system “must be capable of containing oil and must be constructed so that any discharge from a primary containment system will not escape before cleanup occurs.” All SeeWater Oil Smart systems are equipped with audio/visual alarms and dry contacts to allow for remote monitoring. Offerings also include remote dial/signal systems and units that are solar powered in areas where power is not available. SeeWater continues to develop solutions that comply with the railroad industry “green” standards.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a spill of one gallon of oil can contaminate a million gallons of water. The International Maritime Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency are continuously monitoring and implementing regulations to reduce water contamination caused by preventable oil discharge.

SeeWater designs and manufactures solutions for the marine industry. The unique Oil Smart and Water Smart technologies have yielded significant environmental benefits for over 15 years. SeeWater offers a variety of oil detection systems and water pump control solutions that have the unique ability to differentiate between oil and water.


The petroleum industry is faced with the challenges of meeting increased global energy demand and of “going green”-complying with environmental regulations. The industry continues to develop its own standards and to comply with the EPA’s Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan regulations.

SeeWater offers a complete line of products that address the petroleum industry’s oil spill prevention requirements. Whether an engineer is designing a containment area to meet the SPCC codes or requires a sensor in an underground oil tank to detect leaks, SeeWater has the solution. All Oil Smart products are available for hazardous locations or remote locations that typically rely on solar power. SeeWater’s unique technology choices satisfy a variety of needs, including responsible pumping, leak and high liquid detection, and wireless communication.

Waste and Wastewater

With billions of people around the world relying on clean water every day, it is imperative that companies understand the latest and most effective technologies available.

With a diverse range of electronic design capabilities, SeeWater designs and manufactures state-of- the-art Oil Smart spill prevention and water/wastewater controls. All panels come with complete monitoring capabilities and visual indicators that always tell the status of the application.The newest line of SeeWater sensing technology, the SCS dial-a-time controllers, allows the end user to dial a time to the desired “on” and “off” pumping range. The SCS switch replaces conventional tethered float switches. It reduces pump cycling, works well in confined applications, and prevents false signals.The unmatched customer support and balanced design/manufacturing vertical integration setup at SeeWater result in complete customer trust and efficient product design.