Seetru Limited are manufacturers of Safety Relief Valves and Liquid Level Gauges. Our products carry many internationally recognised approvals and are supplied worldwide. Founded in 1949, the company's initial focus was engineering high quality Liquid Level Contents Gauges for the shipbuilding industry. Our philosophy of 'making the finest through innovation' continued with the introduction of the Seetru range of pressure relief devices (1950). Seetru developed the Tutchtite-sealing system, which revolutionized the safety valve market - producing valves that do not leak even after repeated popping even at high pressures. January 2016 marked the release of Seetru's latest product line - the LGS™ Multi-Purpose Safety Relief Valve Range. The LGS™ (Liquid, Gas & Steam) Safety Valve represents state-of-the-art design and is suitable for a wide range of flow characteristics, coping with both low volume and high relief capacity applications. Visit our website:

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The Seetru range of Safety Valves are highly efficient and incorporate the exclusive Tutchtite– seal technology for repeatable bubble-tight sealing performance.

Applications - Including but not limited to: 

Air & Gas Compressors | Specialist Gas Plants | Chemical Equipment & Piping | Pressure Vessels | Thermal Relief | Medical Gasses

Materials: Bronze / Brass / Stainless Steel

Temperatures: Up to 250°C

*Wide Range of Connections available

Standards & Approvals:

TÜV (Germany) | AD Merkblatt A2 | National Board UV Stamp to ASME Section VIII Division 1 | EAC customs union (Russia | Belarus and Kazakhstan) | the Canadian CRN | Compliant with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (CE marked).

The Seetru LGS™ Multi-Purpose Safety Relief Valve - for Liquid, Gas & Steam Applications

Released in January 2016, The LGS™ Valve represents state-of-the-art design with dual guided spindle and also features the Rock-Seal™ seal technology for repeatable high performance sealing. It is a high quality, modular design & construction which incorporates the Seetru propriety compact design. 

A robust & reliable construction and wide variations in flow characteristics allows the LGS Valve to be suitable for a extremely wide range of industrial applications.

Size Range: 15mm to 50mm (½' BSP to 2'BSP)

Seals: PTFE & EPDM

Design: Self Draining

Pressure Range: 0.2 bar g. to 24 bar g. (steam up to 14 bar g. with PTFE seals)

Temperature: up to +200°C (depending on seal material)

Type: Open Lever or Sealed Cap

Easy Maintenace & Inspection: 

The Seetru LGS™ range is designed for ease of maintenance, having a simple construction and a low number of easily dismantled components. The seal, disc and lift aid assembly are designed to be replaced as a single low cost unit (spares kits available)

Seetru Liquid Level Contents Gauges

Seetru Gauges are primarily of two design types - sight gauges and magnetic float by-pass gauges, most have electronic remote reading systems and computer interfaces although we still produce a selection which use the direct reading system.

Our range includes models suitable for various industries including;

Chemical | Refrigerant | Shipbuilding & Offshore | General Industrial

The G35 Seemag and G31 Seeflex gauges have been approved by SOLAS for use with flammable liquids, while many of our other gauges are able to excel in certain key areas.