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Sellers Manufacturing Company is relied upon for the highest quality equipment with unrivaled reliability, efficiency, durability, ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness. We are a designer and manufacturer of UL integrated burner/boiler equipment certified to ASME and National Board requirements, not just a pressure vessel supplier. We uniquely offer our clients one stop to new levels of performance and peace of mind demanded in today’s high-uptime applications. Unique and robust industrial integrated boiler/burners, pressurized and atmospheric deaerators, boiler feed systems, steam to domestic water exchangers and much more.

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918 W. Walnut Street , Danville , KY 40422 USA

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The original Sellers Engineering Company, recently revitalized as Sellers Manufacturing Company, was founded in Chicago in 1931 when new industries were looking for ways to take advantage of natural gas energy. Sellers pioneered gas-fired equipment such as boilers, burners, water heating equipment and bakery equipment.

Our Founding in 1931.  “Kelly” Sellers went into the gas-fired boiler business with a unique idea.  With an expanding and innovative young nation as the backdrop, telephones, the electric grid, natural gas and automobiles were taking hold.

As the U.S. prepared for war in the early 1940’s, the government drafted Sellers’ manufacturing expertise. Over 10,000 large volume water heaters were produced in record time by Sellers for Army installations throughout the United States. Many of these installations are still being used today. In 1947, as pipelines spread natural gas throughout the south, the company moved to its present home in Danville, Kentucky. Here the company has achieved consistent excellence in the design and construction of rapid-response large volume water heaters, steam boilers, deaerators, boiler feed systems and related equipment.

Sellers Today.  The Internet of Things, smartphones, the USA as #1 natural gas producer, biogas investments, along with many other innovations, helps improve productivity and efficiency.  Our people use modern innovations to further the famous Sellers craftsmanship and pride in design and manufacture of great boiler equipment.  Sellers employs the right people with special talents to continue our tradition of durable, reliable and proven products.  Truly and only Made in the USA.