SETEC Engineering GmbH & Co KG

SETEC Engineering GmbH & Co KG

SETEC Engineering GmbH & Co KG provides comprehensive and efficient services for public and privatised water utilities. SETEC offers a comprehensive service package for potable water supply systems, including: Consulting & training, water network analysis, hydraulic network modelling, mapping, design & supervision, technical and economic assistance.

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Feldkirchnerstrasse 50 , Klagenfurt , 9020 Austria
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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

Because water is precious and because potable water is becoming a rare commodity in many regions of the world, it is imperative to handle the available sources with care.

In our modern society water supply is taken for granted. Water is delivered into homes through pipes and it disappears discreetly through other pipes. Only the short jet of water between the faucet and the sink is noticed. Few people are aware of how much energy is required or what kind of technology is used in the production, treatment and distribution of water. Also, few people know that water supply requires correct management. In most cases, scarcity of water in supply systems is not caused because of lack of water but because of inefficient management.

Efficient water management should begin by examining the existing distribution systems. Water leak detection should be carried through with network charting, water metering, repair and replacement of water mains, water pricing and operation and maintenance. Indeed, in its more than 30 years of experience, for the SETEC Engineering staff rehabilitation of distribution systems is an important factor in efficient and economical operation of waterworks.

SETEC Engineering was founded in 1999 as an Austrian based subsidiary of the German Consultant 'GAUFF Ingenieure'. When the company was founded, the core of the staff of a well known Austrian company, with extensive experience in the field of water supply systems, was employed. SETEC offers a comprehensive service package for potable water supply systems, including:

  • Consulting & Training
  • Water network analysis
  • Hydraulic network modelling
  • Mapping
  • Design & supervision
  • Technical and Economic Assistance

SETEC chooses to work in close co-operation with its clients, working on the field wherever around the world the services for the water supply system may be required. In order to maintain its high technical standards, SETEC regularly collaborates in research projects with well-known research institutes.

Because of its reliable and high quality services, SETEC is well established in the field of water supply in Austria and Germany. SETEC is aware that many supply systems do not run as efficiently as they could, hindering a regular supply of safe drinking water urgently required in many parts of the world. Therefore, because water is precious SETEC offers its services world-wide.