Our company is a progressive team of associates and professionals who regard environmental engineering and consulting as their daily intellectual activities. While cooperating creatively and actively with the professional community and stakeholders, we provide environmental and engineering solutions which comply with both national and international quality standards and are aimed at sustainable community development.

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Moskvorechie Street 4 Bld. , Moscow , 115522 Russia
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

SHANECO GROUP CJSC unites environmental experts, geologists, cartographers, soil experts, technologists, and analysts. The team offers a full range of investigation and research services; develops urban planning and environmental documentation; performs environmental impact assessments.

Our company has been providing engineering and consultancy services starting from 1992 when SHANECO LLC was established. Later, when the composition and the scope of work expanded, several legal entities emerged. Each company has been working with projects in subject areas. In 2005 these companies established SHANECO GROUP with the aim of offering a full range of environmental and consultancy services to our clients. Today, SHANECO GROUP unites the following companies:

SHANECO Environmental firm CJSC develops and obtains approvals from designated state authorities for various environmental documentation, e.g. emissions and discharge inventories, maximum permissible discharge and emissions plans, waste limits, sanitary protection zone plans, and various environmental sections of project documentation (“Environmental protection”, “Action plan on environmental protection”); SHANECO LLC Environmental Firm (1998) offers a full range of services on dendrological sections of project documentation, e.g. develops landscaping and urban amenities plans.

Shaneco Analitica LLC performs analyses of soils, natural and waste waters, ambient air, and studies physical impacts to monitor environmental pollution.

SHANECO LLC Urban Planning Center develops specialized sections of urban planning documentation and performs environmental assessment of leveling and urban planning solutions.

SHANECO-PROJECT LLC offers services on environmental assessment for industrial facilities, delivers environmental feasibility studies on new equipment, technologies, and materials, as well as implements environmental impact assessments.

SHANECO LLC Research Center provides our clients with a wide range of services on engineering and environmental research, analyses of certain environment components, and implements environmental impact assessments.

Our experts have developed more than 2 000 projects in total. Our project locations spread from Kaliningrad in the West to Yakutia in the East, and from Komi Republic in the North all the way to Stavropolsky Region in the South of the Russian Federation.

While cooperating creatively and actively with the professional community and stakeholders, we provide environmental and engineering solutions which comply with both national and international quality standards and are aimed at sustainable community development.

We strive to achieve leadership in the Russian environmental and engineering consultancy market by introducing tailor-made and innovative methods and offering environmentally sound solutions.

Our capacity is determined by human resources which constitute SHANECO GROUP. There are more than 60 experts working in the company on a permanent basis, 80% of them are specialists and engineers, 20% - administrative and technical support team (management, finance, HR, IT, cartographers and others).

All our experts have higher education and graduated from the leading educational institutions: Moscow State University and Saint-Petersburg State University (Departments of Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Soil Science, and Biology), Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology, University of Chemical Technology of Russia named after Mendeleyev, Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology named after Lomonosov (MITKhT), Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman (MSTU), and Moscow State Forest University. Many of them have academic degrees.

Management staff were trained at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (the Netherlands) as well as 'Integrated management systems' courses (USAID, USA) and have obtained the appropriate certificates.

All our divisional managers completed trainings on project management as per PMI and IPMA requirements and ISO 9001.

Our experts:

  • are engaged by international credit and intergovernmental organizations (World Bank, EU Commission, EBRD, Russian Regional Ecological Center), state governing bodies of Russia (State Duma, Federation Council, Ministry of Natural Resources, Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical, and Atomic Supervision (RosTekhNadzor), State Extradepartmental Expertise Committee, Moscow Duma, and Government of Moscow);
  • have business contacts with managers and specialists of the World Wildlife Fund, Social & Ecological Union, Russian Green Party, Russian Ecological Union.