Shanghai Megavision Membrane Engineering & Technology Co ., Ltd.

Shanghai Megavision Membrane Engineering & Technology Co ., Ltd.

Shanghai MegaVision Membrane Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., an innovative and high technology oriented enterprise, specializes in the manufacturing of separation membranes and the contracting in membrane projects. Our company manufactures the patent products- Polysulfone Hollow Fiber UF membranes, which own the special features: permanent high hydrophilicity. dried storage and strong resisting against fouling. We may provide some special membranes with resisting high temperature, strong acid and alkali, as well as organic solvents. Our UF membrane modules have been applied in wide industries including pharmaceutical industry, fruit juice concentration industry and electrophoresis paint industry etc.. We manufacture hollow fiber membrane modules from diameter of 4~10 inches.

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B/5F CITIC Pent-Ox Metropolis, 1089 Pudong Ave , Shanghai , China

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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Shanghai MegaVision also manufactures fiat sheet UF membrane modules which have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the clarification and filtration as well as MBR projects in the sewage and waste water treatment plants. Meanwhile, We can produce pervaporation (PV) membrane and modules In the fuel grade ethanol project, our PV membrane process has been used in concentrating ethanol from 95% to 99.5% with lower energy consumption than that of traditional distillation process. Our PV has provided an efficient and promising way to depriving water from organic solvent.